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  1. I don't care if you have my client; you don't have a server with 400 players.

    That's Derek by the way.
  2. oh and just to say, i was offered your client too lmfao, but it looked like shit so i said no
  3. u obviously care enough if you decided to write in my profile, lmfao?
  4. it's actually not mine, i don't care what you do bud... was js
  5. Going to rework it quite a bit and then release it, just to piss you off even more, you seem to get mad quite easily
  6. It's not yours to release or sell, I don't care what you are lol
  7. So you want me to release it? Do you think that'd be better?

    I mean I'm currently a student, rsps actually helps me quite a lot when it comes to my finances lol. But I wouldn't mind releasing it, but that'd make me a douchebag towards the people that have already purchased it..
  8. why would you sell it is the question
  9. lmao r u retarded? someones client? it was released, so how is that wrong? Why would I waste my time writing stuff that's already been done?
  10. lol you got caught selling someones client and claiming it was done from scratch
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