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  1. thx m88
  2. Happy Birthday bro!
  3. wonder how many times ive lost my rank queueing with adam lol over 8 now for sure
  4. dont play with sheepmonger lmao, last time me and niceman lost ranks cos he got banned for cheating, suspected lad
  5. am dmg now
  6. thats not bad we can try a game or 2 over the weekend i guess what rank are you now im like gn3
  7. dxb ms 106
  8. ight we can give it a shot some time, next time you play a game while searching for one open your console.

    Under the line that says "Starting ping measurement" there should be a line started with "dxb" check how much ping u get to dubai there
  9. i can try playing on yours new internet =D
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