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  1. Well yeah because it IS a gap in the market, I just wanted to try and get something out there before someone else gets there first. Looks like I'm failing.
  2. "Nearby Friends uses your smartphone's GPS system to tell your Facebook friends you are nearby. Rather than share your exact location, it will show only that you are nearby, say, within half a mile"

    Well i guess that's your app idea out the window
  3. On pause until my school exams are over (may/june)
  4. whatever happened to your RSFPS
  5. Jesus man sounds like you were living the high life indeed, shame it ended eh. Thanks alot for your advice .
  6. Yeah a good moparscape sponsored position is/was so worth the money. It's expensive to get, but you are more then likely going to make that money back. I paid 265 for my first sponsored last Christmas, and my average player count shot up to 80-100 players almost strait away, by the end of the month I had already received around 600.

    The only problem with moparscape sponsored, is the fact that it's a bid
    Because server owners are doubling their money every month, they are bidding more on the moparscape sponsored, which is making the cost of a slot on there higher every month. The money I spend last year on second place probably wouldn't even get you 10th place these days. So to be honest I'm not sure if its worth getting sponsored anymore, but it was definitely worth it last year

    Just before my Paypal account got banned, I was always getting 50+ daily just from donations! and 10-20 daily from adsense.
  7. Damn man, i remember you saying you bought dedicated for a year haha and i proved to you that it was in the T&C's , i'm glad you got your money back. So in your experience, mopar sponsored is worth the money and really needed if you want a server to be successfull?
  8. My Paypal account got limited last May because I'm under 18, with all of the donations in (about 1k). I couldn't receive donations anymore, and Because I couldn't continue to pay for the moparscape sponsered, over the next couple of months the player count dropped significantly. The only reason the server remained online was because I stupidly brought the dedicated server for the year. I finally got my Paypal money back on the 5th of December (6 months later), but by this time the server was pretty much dead, and had little time left before the dedicated server ended. On the last couple of days I just made it into some crappy 'level setting' server and sold in-game GP to get as much money as possible before it went down

    Luckily I just about broke even with the dedicated server yearly cost (about 1.2k and the overall donations.
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