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  1. youre doing a bad job
  2. Tinker with my rank, thinking -omar +purehit?

    Let me know your thought$.

  3. Hand over the site to me before your passive income stream is lost for good
  4. you suck
  5. Happy birthday handsome
  6. Hey just wanted to say hey and that you're my favourite admin speaking of which have you ever given an administrative rep before? Jk Numbers if ur reading this pls don't yell at me again.

    6 years later: jk give me admin
  7. Faggot irl
  8. where is my vet.
  9. 10-27-2006
  10. How about you scroll all the way down and look for a control panel and try and look for my name in the members and you know.. maybe you could fool around with some controls here and there.
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