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  1. Hardly wasting you time? Why are all the mods on here so terrible???
  2. You're an idiot. Buy the rank or don't, but either way stop wasting my time.
  3. Haha ofcourse 'Favoritism' such a joke this forums just because his friend has affiliate rank, delete his posts of my advertisement don't want his stupid comments and advertising at the same time thanks..
  4. He owns the Hyperion project; another user working on that project has purchased the affiliate rank, so he is also entitled to advertise [that project only] in his signature.
  5. So why is this user not been banned/had his taken away?

    View Profile: Sammi - Rune-Server

    He hasn't got the affiliate rank..
  6. Hi,

    Please be aware that users are permitted to link to advertisement threads in their signature if they have the affiliate rank. There is also no rule against linking to project threads in your signature.
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