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    ```Discord Setup & Discord logo design```
    Few expamples of this discords can be find able in the bot "Xenos".

    __Discord setups temples__
    x!backup info 4092rlns6v
    x!backup info 40augxfj3z
    x!backup info 40auhblsct

    __Design logo's by meself__
    U can find all under this link. ⬇️
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    -> Services

    Design Service
    Atm i'm still doing them free since i'm still "noobie" on doing this.
    This only counts for Designing

    Discord setups service
    Will be soon going to be 5$ per setup. Since i take sometime in there.

    Small note
    People that already have had some services from me please leave vouche in #👊vouches channel!

    Thank you for reading!😍
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    Hey man, i've contacted you on discord.

    Goodluck with these.
    Spoiler for sig too large:

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