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    Hello, I have made a few models for a 317 Server, however I can't seem to properly bring it to the game.
    Here is my issue :

    I've been trying to export it from Blender into an .obj File, then recoloring in Metasequoia 4 and finally, using DATMaker, to turn it into a .dat file.
    The step I've been doing from Metasequoia to DATMaker is to Clone the model 3 more times, Rename them "Model", "PRI:", "TSKIN" and "VSKIN1:" then saving it as a MQO.
    There's 2 things happening once I reach that maker and those followings are my issues :

    Either I get this Access violation error.

    Or I get this, On the left is the VSKIN Nums of a normal Party hat. On the right is the VSKIN of my custom model, it needs to be one all over I think.

    If your solution is to watch this guide : [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    I already have, but the animation for the head doing that method method isn't the right one.

    Please if there's a way to manually add an animation or something, tell me.
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    (facepalm) tskin is 0 for the whole thing and 1 for the neck area as for the weights on the models for the vskin its .01 for the whole thing the top part vertices that are exactly between the neck and head the ones where u start the mat 1 for as the tskin u make it .03 as for the bottom points of the neck its .02 enjoy
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