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Thread: SOTM #252 Voting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mtarik View Post
    Yeah I totally understand what you mean, time was against me but after I entered I went back and made a few adjustments although I didn't touch the background I removed the grey stroke because I felt that it made the work look messy and at the time I did not realize because I was focused on getting it out as soon as possible since it was way past the deadline. Although I removed the grey stroke I replaced it with a transparent stroke (not really a stroke but looked much better then what I had before)

    Showcase of improvement, I understand it's too late to change but I just want to showcase what I mean
    Spoiler for showcase:
    the background is just to show you more clearly
    Gotta clean those render lines up if you're going for a space effect. The render is drawn, so assume a consistent 1px border unless it's blatantly different.

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    Those are you trouble areas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substance View Post

    2 3 and 4 are meh
    Next one shall be better hopefully.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chance View Post
    2) What brought this piece down for me a lot was the background. Maybe darkening that background and bringing some more focus to your character would've helped this piece. My eyes kept on moving to the awfully bright background, though.
    Yea I noticed that too when I saw it on my phone, I forgot that a layer that I put over the entire thing made it a little too bright when it was really only intended for the render. Thanks for the cnc, next one should be more interesting I think.

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