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    Hello everyone ,

    I have decided to open this topic because I am curious to know what are the reasons people choose a private server over the vanilla
    servers offered by the big guys, please don't get me wrong I am not trying to get anyone to stop playing private servers. I am actually
    working solo on a private server project, I don't know what the future will bring but I am surely having fun working on it. I am pretty sure
    not everyone have the same demands for a private server in order to achieve satisfaction for their precious wasted time, anyhow I would
    like to hear what are yours. If you could give some of your time and write down what are the most important features I would really appre
    -ciate it

    Your friend of this community, Rojeh

    Doing my best
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    Firstly, not all suggestions that runescape are given gets added + they barely take suggestions. With a RSPS there is no limit as to what you can do with it, heíll if youíre good enough and have a team youíre already doing better than Jagex because most people around here actually give customer support / player support. Itís just a better community to be around in general
    With a private server, with knowledge you can make anything possible and how ever custom or unique you want it.
    I think itís good for people to have private servers because it also helps people learn new things within this community.

    The faster pace of getting items / stats is a bonus on most servers, still have to grind but it just feels good to have those end game items am I right?
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    not as much of a grind, most servers you don't have to actually pay $ to get members items (most have donators of course, but usually they can obtained via in-game if you tryhard enough), community is smaller and easier to blend into, as ^ said actual customer support and a friendly staff team

    I played and then started a spawn server because I really only enjoy pking in RS so I'm sure there are others like that just looking for a quick fix

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    I got into RSPSes as a kid because I didn't have the money for membership nor the patience for the game's grind. I stuck around on some servers for a while because of the communities. I found it much easier to make friends on servers than on the actual game. Maybe it's different now, but the higher XP rates made it pointless to bot on RSPSes, meaning that every player online was an actual human that you could speak to. Some servers have a huge advantage over RS in that a community of a couple hundred or thousand active players make for a nice little community.
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