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Thread: Rune-Server Yearly Meet-up

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    I could just imagine how socially awkward some of the people that showed up would be. Actually, would be hilarious to knock out some $10 scammers at the party, ngl. Too bad i dont live in the US
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevy View Post
    New year party @ Brett the Don's
    Lets do it!

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    This is a terrible idea due to so many age ranges and not just that this feels like the same kinda crap that was suggested at mopar and rl while they where still part of the cool kids club.

    Yeah we could have people that submit open source software that help further the rsps community but seeing most of the projects we have had purely open went little to no where outside of a small group of people? Predating runesource of course? We had rs2dv, shardrev, hypersion, apollo?

    The main people helping the community got looked at like lunatics like rics long webclient tutorial? Or when no-thread per client was explained?

    I don't think we need anything like this until we can have contributions like this again from actual programmers to help rsps become better as it is evolving yes but is a very propitiatory way where the code is never shared until it becomes irreverent after a leak.
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