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Thread: Dedicated Thread for Updates Made to the Game/Website (Not Publicly Stated/Listed)

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  1. #1 Dedicated Thread for Updates Made to the Game/Website (Not Publicly Stated/Listed) 
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    Was wondering what people think of the idea of having a dedicated thread listing for/of changes made to the game/website that are not/have not been listed under the news > updates section. I feel like this would be interesting, if not helpful for reference purposes. The list not having to go into a lot of detail, being very basic/vague like, just listing a change was made to X (just broad details - people would still have to dig to find some answers and what not, it would just be a bit more helpful).
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    What game are you talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett the Don View Post
    What game are you talking about?
    going by his past history of posts, I'd say RuneScape. He's always looking for the exact dates things like textures were changed.
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