Hello everyone,

If you've taken the time to view my posts, I'd like to share my gratitude with you. While the red carpet can be flashy and special I believe here I should stick to why I've made it to this particular special event. I'm a huge fan of Runescape just like, I'd assume; everyone else here. With my favourite part of Runescape being Player Vs. Player and actually is my favourite part of any game. I come from a large family, when I was younger I would share my bedroom with two other siblings my twin and my older brother. Due to the nature of my younger life style, competition for space and resources became a natural part of my environment, fortunately for everyone else my parents taught me to share so the competition would be more of a team effort, or at least from my behalf.

Because of the nature of what I enjoy, like and am entertained by. Along with being a gamer since the young age of 4/5 years old, playing online games since Habbo Hotel and first logging into Runescape in 2002 with an awfully spelt username; 'Loard Ecko' at the age of 9 years old, also matching when I first smoked Pot and playing Online competitive games since Call of Duty 2 in 2005. I with no surprise have a nick for player killing and general warfare mechanics.

As a younger individual from the age of 14 I've chosen topics like business studies, photography, ICT and computing and falling short in the departments of English literature and English language due to the short handed writing codes. I can happily say I have a passion for designing and creation. I've for the past six years have been working as a bartender letting my naturally learned talents dwindle away, too be left in reserves: while getting older have decided to take some action with my coding and art skills.

THUS! revealing my new project.

Turning a Runescape Client into a full sized customizable game similar to that of Pubg H1Z1 and Day Z.

I hope to keep the map the same, remove monster spawns and implement roaming 'zombies' that drop a fixed amount of gold per type of 'npc'. fix all doors mainly including them of banks. Revamping the Leveling system so that your stats are their to represent your time played rather that the items you can equip. Have loot able creates and objects that reward cash and rare chances of items. Shop keepers to sell specific items all shop keepers to be in original shop location to match map icons, and many more.

Once achieved to a specific level of standards, the game will be released as a alpha and beta test stage to then be gifted/sold to Jagex as a respectable product.

I wish everyone the best with their days.

Kind Regards.