I wanted to reintroduce myself after being gone for quite some time seeing how much rsps has pretty much stayed the same as it was when i first started playing back in 2007 era of runescape private servers. I have played so many different servers its still funny how many use the same source and tack on a slight modification of something was was ripped and ripped a dozen more times.

Still love this place but i started at mopar then RL and eventually ended up here but for some reason i can't remember what username i used at rune-server i can still login the one at mopar and RL but not here? Anyways it's nice to be back i wanted to stop and say hello too everyone as i am trying to get use to the newer looking servers it really doesn't make me happy so if you know any decent servers please tell me.

I work from home now days so i am online a lot more but hey at least we have discord and not msn and yahoo but you will still catch me floating around freenode quite often but ill say you can add me on discord as well. I can't stand discord but its all anyone seems to use anymore teamspeak and mumble died a sad death overall.

Feel free to add me on discord:


that or message me on freenode