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    Was given about an hour to write a short story, so decided that I might as well post it here to see if you guys think that I should continue writing it.
    Words I was given: Saint & Fiend, Middle Ages & Sexuality

    Spoiler for Good VS Evil:
    Prologue: Recognition

    Once upon a time, there was a demon and a saint. The demon embraced his sinful nature,
    whilst the saint renounced such yearning and claimed himself be pure. His holy mission was
    to prosecute the ones who had been banished from the kingdom of light and love. The
    transgressors would be punished, he would see to that indeed. The tale takes place in the
    middle ages, in a land ruled by blasphemy and sin. Kings deemed themselves mighty, lords
    above the common folk and even God himself. The demon sought out his pleasure in ways
    not known to man. In this instance however, he settled for a mere slaughter of the people in
    a crowded marketplace.

    The wind was blowing softly, carrying the jolly chatter across the town square. In the corner
    there sat beggars, pleading for some alms. Across the space was a huddle of children,
    watching a puppet play, their eyes filled by awe and lips shaped with joy. There was racket
    echoed loudly, of the peoples’ bustle and stir. In the shadows behind a tower, stood the
    demon tall and stout.

    He remembered the moment, so clearly, even now. His salvation, his rebirth, which he all
    owed to his savior. His human life had been spent living as a devout man, as pious and
    earnest as any worshipper could ever hope to be. His days were spent praying and fearing
    the absolute damnation of his all-seeing lord. And for what purpose, he thought to himself
    now. He had been born a sinner, an absolute disgrace of a man. A freak, an anomaly, an
    offense to God himself. At least so he had been told. All for being born to love other men. In
    his shame, in his desperate need to cleanse himself he tried to purge the filth from his soul
    by pleasing the lord with an altruistic mindset and actions. Why he had even bothered was
    beyond him now. Despite his efforts, he had been cast aside once arriving at the pearly
    gates. He had fallen, damned, to the pits of despair. It was only there he had come to know
    true love and faith. He had been saved by Lucifer himself, the only one who had not
    condemned him for his ‘unnatural’ inclinations. Sins are natural, he had spoken, indeed they
    stem from human urges, and so they all should be embraced. The demon had then been
    sworn to do Lucifer’s bidding, for all eternity forward, and that mission he endeavored to
    complete. For what could feel better than diminishing the life created by the lord himself.

    On this day there were many, he mused to himself, gazing upon the citizens in the plaza. His
    ungodly mouth watered, already envisioning the taste. First he would skin them, with his
    claws that were razor-sharp. Then he would gouge their guts from their bodies, still
    sprawling with life. Then he would devour them, savoring the flavor with every luscious bite.
    Arousal enveloped him, and he exhaled long and hard. As he was about to take his steps
    towards indulgence, he was stopped by a stench foul and sharp. He snarled and turned
    abruptly in shock, searching for its source. In the distance he could spot it, an angel bright
    and blinding. Its sickly sweet scent trickled its way through the masses, burning in the
    demon’s nostrils like the flames of a pyre.

    His body filled with hatred, contempt at the vile thing. So perfect, so pure, yet it was just as
    wicked as him. He had been too reckless with his task, he realized at once. He had left too
    many traces behind in his previous passionate attacks. At once he retreated to the safety of the
    Shade. With nothing but a burning flame left behind him, the demon had withdrawn.
    What he had not realize, is that the angel had caught the flame at the corner of his eye and
    now set in motion to investigate what might be causing a blaze at a mighty tall tower.

    - - - - - - - -

    For the Angel had anticipated that this would happen, he brought a bucket filled to the brim
    with holy water blessed by God himself. The Angel would douse him to evaporate the evil
    from within

    P.S: Please note that it's still in a draft phase. I literally wrote it in an hour or so w/o spending too much time on smaller details like names, surroundings, etc.
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    this is an interesting story. continue! i want to read the rest.
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    good shit
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    Bump. Looking for some feedback
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    Keep this going, I'd really like to read more.
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