Thread: Ever thought of Writing a Book?

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    Honestly think about it every day lolol, I've been told the best strategy to adopt is x words every day. A friend of mine finished 50 chapters over the past several months by doing that!
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    I have a plethora of ideas for books to write. In fact, my game, Moribund (link in signature), is based on one of those book ideas. Now, I don't watch a lot of movies, nor read a lot of books, so I wasn't aware there were some works that adapted this idea, but the original idea was
    - society that has an active timer of death known to somebody
    - to extend life, you need to kill somebody.
    - killing somebody is legal and seen as a human need even, but is it moral for this selfish reason? Even if it's not, would you do it?
    -- debating whether to make it legal or illegal
    Not really my best idea. I have about 5. I don't feel like disclosing them though, haha.
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