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    Quest Story creator?

    was wondering if anyone would be intrested in creating stories for some custom quests... Just has to be a text based story. i will implement all the work I am not much of a writer and my creative side defiantly is not on when i am writing a story.

    My server is zombie themed and my first quest is based on saving a lost husband. I did not make the story my friend did and it was pretty good but it took him some time to think of it and i dont want him to have to make them all the time haha. If anyone has free time and would enjoy writing some great lores/stories/ for me that'd be awesome
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    Not sure what your budget is like, but i could send you some of my previous literature and if you like it, I could even create multiple-choice endings, perhaps we could talk about some sort of partnership.
    Wouldn't be asking a lot, and I'm up for negotiation and even an offer if you have one - i can promise quality content.
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    I don't know if I have any skills to help, but if you ever get an ALPHA or BETA version that needs to be tested I'll try it out.
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