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    Identify the social science principles that apply to your issue. In other words,
    which principles of social science apply to the issue you selected?
    B. Explain how the principles you identified apply to your issue. In other words, how
    are the social science principles you identified relevant to your issue?

    My issue is bullying, what would be a social scinece issue about that?
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    An issue with bullying would be a reflection of the bullyer's values. If you're comfortable with bullying, emotional, physical or mental, then it shows the type of person that you are at heart and what you define as "right" or "wrong".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goody View Post
    An issue with bullying would be a reflection of the bullyer's values. If you're comfortable with bullying, emotional, physical or mental, then it shows the type of person that you are at heart and what you define as "right" or "wrong".
    It's not how you get the gold, but what matter's is what you've become in process of gaining that gold in life. One can simply go to a bank and rob it, will that make him rich? Yes, but did he achieve a lot of self respect and maturity in the process of it? no, he became a robber, a thief and all he's life he may be rich, but inside of him he will have a poor person. Just a thief. If you actually study, make goal's achieve them, make promises to yourself and live up to them, be a normal human being in this world, you will feel much better inside yourself by reaching that gold, reaching those steps and pursuing them one by one which will in the long run will make you feel better.

    Same thing with bullying, you can bully a person into thinking or giving up thing's, but will it have a good process of yourself? will you see yourself as a normal human being? With whatever the person is being bullied by, it show's the effect of how the person has been raised, what the up coming's of it's growing up process has been and if you decide that it's okay to go and bully someone, it show's that something has gone wrong in your life and you do not see good and bad, you only see the emotion's which you strive for that you achieve from bullying, that self esteem that you take home to your mind and fulfilling of desire, which a person think's by bullying another he or she will gain some sort of desire achieved and self esteem in their mind that they're somebody, but in reality they're nobody and that nobody's inside them is making them feel so bad that they strive to be somebody so they begin the bullying process, but emotionally they're destroying they're selves even further and that's when they grow up to be in jail or whatever.

    It's a long explanation, would need to go into a deep understanding of the emotion's that goes through a bullies mind, but it's mainly for desiring that effect to feel better by showing somebody else that they're somebody, that they have some sort of worth and they have some sort of power by turning that power on you, but that's the lowest a human can get. I can't really go further on this because I have a lot of job's in real life for the next three day's, but I tried to explain the basic's of the emotions and understanding what to write next.
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