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    Our attractiveness is not the result of the most fashionable clothes and perfect make-up.
    The secret of seduction is not in the way it looks, but in who we are asking!
    Psychologists have confirmed that by appearing in company with uglier friends we gain on attractiveness.

    Psychologists in the United Kingdom have conducted research that only confirms that showing up with ugly people makes us perceived by
    others as prettier than in reality. Anthony Little from Stirling University explains this by contrast. It also reminds that this rule works for
    people of the same sex. So an ugly friend will make you seem prettier, but this stunning beauty will push you into the corner.
    This rule does not apply to people of a different gender.

    Being surrounded by nice people of the opposite sex makes us even more attractive.
    Psychologists point to the example of the Playboy owner Huhg Hefner, who is always photographed around beautiful, young and sexy dolls.
    Dr. Little convinces that if he were to photograph Hefner without his "bustier" suite, he would seem old, stern and ugly.
    However, surrounded by young women, it seems not only more handsome, but it is automatically considered a well-kept millionaire with a yacht.

    And how do you handle it?

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    If you think you're so ugly that you need to surround yourself with uglier friends to look better by comparison, you're wrong.

    It's all about how you feel, and if you're confident in who you are and think of yourself highly then others should too. If you think of yourself lowly, so will I.

    Confidence = nobody can take from you, you're in control, not too caught up in what others think because you don't need them to validate you
    Cockiness = putting others down around you, to appear in control and be validated as valuable by others
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    My fiancee struggles with this a lot.

    No matter how many times I compliment her or tell her how pretty she is, she just doesn't see it.
    I know a lot of people will say "she's probably just looking for attention and compliments" but that's not the case. She's always been this way and we've been together 5 years now and expecting our 2nd child.
    It's sad to see people with such beauty, and such small confidence because of something as small as having a "big" nose or things along those lines.

    I work with her to have more confidence all the time, just by trying to tell her she's pretty on random occasions etc.

    I strongly agree with funkE, with the statement "Confidence = nobody can take from you, you're in control, not too caught up in what others think because you don't need them to validate you"

    Just hard for some people to have any confidence in themselves, and I hate to see that.
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