Lok'tar Ogar brethren,

The East End Trading Co. is looking for new merchants to join our Commerce Cartel. We take in any race, class, gender, tribe, as long as they've got a nose for good bussiness and a taste for coin & shiny.

East End Trading Co. is a horde guild on ZANDALAR TRIBE rppvp server which profiles itself as a dedicated but casual raiding guild. Aiming for 2 raiddays a week with a touch of pvp here and there.

We have already formed our core with about 20 avid players who know the game by playing it the old days when we all raided on different servers. As this game has no secrets for us, so is running a guild. We have former experience in running a casual raiding guild on feenix private server, cleared up to Sartura AQ40.

We are however not an RP guild, as we’ve all had experience in the original vanilla we’re not the youngest anymore. We joined this server purely because of it’s more mature audience, we expect the same of you somewhat.

The very core of this guild are IRL friends (stability) from Belgium so as a result a lot of Belgians in the guild already but our language of communication shall always be English as we are all fluent in it.
Also a few members of our former guild from feenix in here.

We shall apply a DKP bidding system for loot distribution during raids.

Anyone actually, just have a decent attendancy for raids, know what you’re doing and don’t fool around and you’ll fit right in. Only 1 warlock spot left though.

A few points though, what we do appreciate is:
*Acting like a grown up
*Team player (it’s not all about the loot)

Our discord server:
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