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  1. #1 What are your favorite PlayStation exclusives? 
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    In my younger years, I was a bigger fan of Xbox exclusives such as Halo, Gears of War, and Crackdown, so the obvious upgrade was an Xbox One in 2014, and more recently an Xbox One S. I built a fairly dependable gaming computer last year to add a few more games (and lower cost, higher performance, etc.) to my arsenal that were not platform dependent or, with Microsoft's push toward PC gaming, could be played via Play Anywhere. I considered purchasing an Xbox One X this year, but considering the majority (if not all) of games that I would play are available on PC as well as Xbox, so it didn't seem necessary to upgrade my Xbox One yet. I do feel, however, as though I am missing out on PlayStation exclusives that are unavailable on PC, so I think a PlayStation 4 may be next in my upgrade path.

    Before purchasing a PlayStation, I wanted more opinions of the exclusives that exist in the current generation. Spider-Man is an obvious first choice, as that's what's encouraging me to look toward another console in the first place, but I also find interest in games like The Last of Us Remastered, Horizon Zero Dawn, and God of War.

    TL;DR: What are your favorite PlayStation exclusives that can't be played anywhere else?
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    The Last Of Us, God Of War, Uncharted Series, Blood Borne
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    God of War def.
    The Dons
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    Definitely worth getting a ps4, god of wars story line is great it is a short story line but it is awesome. The last of us is a great game to.
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