UPDATE:I have narrowed the error. The drive which held the contents and which was running the project was being placed in a low powered state and prevented the program from running. After moving it to the main drive (C:/) it is now working fine.


I have a Java program which usually runs in the background of a server that's always online in my basement. I used to run windows 7 but decided to start fresh so i installed windows 10 pro. One of the issues im currently having is while keeping cmd open with the java program running, it wont update until I press a key in the console (it should always run -works fine on win 7). I don't know if windows 10 is making the process sleep when i disconnect from remote desktop or whats happening.

If you need any more information feel free to post.

More info:
-hard disk is set to NEVER turn off
-computer sleep and display never turns off
-windows information:

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Update: It seem's to be working fine now, all I've done is install teamviewer.

Update 2: It's no longer working

->Program is SUPPOSED to check every 6 minutes for a dump and has a time stamp to indicate when it checked

->left it for a few hours and when pressing a key it processes all the waited cycles: