Hi I have experience with website editing and 317/667+ revision clients and will be providing services for anyone whom may be interested. I have vouches however they are dated back in 2016 but they are indeed from well known members.

The services I provide are;
-Runelite implementation / Jframe customizations
-Forum/site integration for login
-General SQL setups
-Custom login/loading screens and game frames
-RSC editing
-Data packing
-Map edits
-Discord server setups / integration
-Custom interfaces and editing for 317
-Misc cache edits
-Floor overlay/underlay texturing support
-Music systems
-Website edits / custom landing pages
-Auto updaters and launchers

Each service may vary between $25-120. If you need to view my vouches you can go here; https://www.rune-server.ee/black-mar...ml#post4971636

Respond to the thread with your requested service or shoot me a pm. Iím on the R-S discord if you need to find me!
I accept PP (friends and family) and OSGP.
I will ask for 50% of payment upfront before I start.

All past work can be found on my profile from past years.

Thank you