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    Hello everyone! I am offering services to 718 and up, i have been into 718 revisions both hosting and developing(solo dev most of the time) since 2014.
    I have basic knowledge on programming from school but i learn to code rsps by myself through my experiences especially to generous people in this forums and also running my own server.
    I was kinda in and out with rsps due to having a business IRL but due to this pandemic my business was closed and forced to stay home.
    Even though business is close, my bills doesn't, So i have to find a way to get extra income while at home so here i am offering my skills and services.

    Not that much notable but at least i can show something as proof of my work even though i have done a lot on rsps,
    most of them are not posted of course but i have my development logs always written in my small notepad which include timestamps.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Last server that i worked on (developement log) - Warning! spoiler kinda long
    Spoiler for Developement Log:
    10:35 PM 10/23/2018
    - Adding permanent spawn command
    - Adding permanent object spawn command
    - Added object spawning utilization
    - Added Object spawns dumper
    - Adding object modification
    - Adding npc spawns dumper
    - Modified npc spawning
    - Removed commands redundancy
    - Fixing links
    - Fixed drop editor
    - Moved start player location to the new home
    - Changed the main home teleport
    - Added ;;npcdrops npcname which finds the drop of certain npcname
    - Added ;;itemdrops itemname which finds the npc that drop this itemname
    - Changed the claim command for voting from ;;reward 1 to ;;redem
    - Enabled range str override, this means if a weapon has range str, it will stack with the arrows range str
    - Added doomsayer at home to teleport directly to zomibe invasion event
    - Enabled server panel to easily access important stuffs in the server without logging in
    - Fixed buy spins link into donation page
    - Changed some things on server panel
    - Added/Fixed total donation
    - Added command to set donation total to admins for future use
    - Nerfed frost bone exp but added more variety of bones to be buried or offered to altar
    - Added Cyndrith at the new home
    - Changed ;;shops teleport area to the new home shops area

    8:08 AM 10/24/2018
    - Added melee dummy at home
    - Added custom bonus droprate
    - Added custom bonus droprate command
    - Added world bonus droprate
    - Added world bonus droprate command
    - Added a world announcement if the worldbonus droprate has been added

    3:10 PM 10/25/2018
    - Auto claim votes added
    - Added a check to disable offline player to claim the votes
    - Added Boss Drop Ratio
    - The all new boss drop ratio will have a set of ratios on certain bosses for example, default ratio for Fatal boss is 1:200
    - Every kill the ratio goes down 1:199, 1:198 and so on
    - When you get a rare drop, the ratio will reset back to default to 1:200
    - But there are some instance that you are really unlucky, no rares for 199 kills
    - The drop ratio will save you at the count of 1:0
    - Once you hit that ratio on that boss, any rare that the boss has will be added to the possible drop basket
    - And then it will select 1 from the basket and drop it for you, so congratz
    - Added Anti bot to thieving
    - Anti bot will teleport you home when 60 seconds pass since the anti bot appears
    - Added boss ratio to combat trio
    - Added boss ratio to Seasinger
    - Added boss ratio to Deathlotus
    - Added boss ratio to Maximum Gradum
    - Added boss ratio to Eradicator
    - Added boss ratio to Blink
    - Added boss ratio to Fear
    - Added boss ratio to Necrolord
    - Added boss ratio to Corporeal Beast
    - Added boss ratio to Wildywyrm
    - Added boss ratio to Avatar of Destruction
    - Added boss ratio to Sea Troll Queen
    - Changed the death respawn tile in Nomad instance
    - Changed the respawn location in Nomad Instance
    - Fixed offering prayer to altar and can run
    - Added boss ratio to Glacor
    - Added anti-afk bot to Woodcutting
    - Added anti-afk bot to Mining
    - Added anti-afk bot to Fishing
    - Added anti-afk bot to Cooking

    11:55 AM 10/31/2018
    - Adding Perks System: its a system that holds all of perks to be added to the server
    - Added a command system that enable or disable certain perk
    - Added Unli Run Perk which gives you unlimited energy to run
    - Added master bandit Perk, allows you to thieve twice in one click
    - Added poseidon hand Perk which doubles your fishing ability
    - Removed slayer helm part key from the boss ratio table
    - Added Rosary Master perk, it significantly decrease prayer consumption
    - Added Ava's Perk which gives ava's effect without wearing one
    - Added Key Expert perk which gives you a chance to drop crystal key and also a chance to recover while opening the chest
    - Pre-added donation total ranking
    - Separated ;erks and ;;donationperks where ;erks shows an interface of active perks while ;;donationperks sends a link of a forum post
    - Added the new products on the webshop
    - Added Hussein bolt perk for 5$
    - Added master bandit for 10$
    - Added poseidon hand for 10$
    - Added Rosary Master for 8$
    - Added ava's accumulator for 5$
    - Added key expert for 6$

    12:54 PM 11/5/2018
    - Added an easy way to edit stats for items
    - Added stats to summoning master cape
    - Remove all the training dummies outside extreme donator zone
    - Removed party pete from party room at falador(an extreme zone npc exclusive)
    - Increased stats to amulet of fury (or)
    - Re-balanced gnome agility course and fixed the spamming exploit
    - Re-balanced barbarian outpost agility course
    - Added wilderness Agility course
    - Fixed wilderness agility pipe from being spammed
    - Re-worked climbing emote and timing + exp gainz
    - Added home teleporter on wildy agil course
    - Added extra check so that the teleporter can only be accessed inside the course
    - Renamed the teleporter into "Teleport Home"
    - Disabled teleporter from walking
    - Fixed tzhaar whip 7, added more slash bonus and other bonuses

    6:42 PM 11/7/2018

    6:38 AM 11/10/2018

    12:37 PM 11/12/2018
    - Removed pets from boss drop ratio
    - Fixed push-through option on wheat at hunter puro-puro
    - Decreased gnome agility advance course requirement from 80 to 50
    - Decreased agility requirement on the advance barbarian outpost agility course from 90 to 70
    - Added agility requirement on wilderness agility course of 85
    - Fixed sea singer's as rare drop
    - Fixed compcape stats, better than 200m capes
    - Enabled ironman from donating
    - Added spawnevent command which spawns certain npc with custom drops

    7:04 AM 11/13/2018
    - Added potion timers
    - Added support interface for fixed screen
    - Added Overload to potion timers
    - Added Prayer renewal to potion timers
    - Added Antifire to potion timers
    - Added Antipoison to potion timers
    - Added a unit converter to easily convert game ticks into seconds
    - Added time unit converter also since fire immunity and poison immunity has different counters

    6:45 PM 11/21/2018
    - Reworked Annihilation spec
    - Spec will now increase str,def and attack to 148
    - It has the effect of overload
    - Cannot use or stack with overload
    - You also need an overload for it to consume and it consume 1 sip
    - Added a separate timer for the spec and it resets stats when times up just like ovl

    9:42 PM 11/23/2018
    [Client Updates-
    - Added client zooming using shift+scroll up/down
    - Added shift+click droping
    - Added more security features to the client
    [Server side-
    - Macban is now properly implemented
    - Added the macban check upon login so macbanned players are blocked
    - Added password encryption!

    7:39 PM 11/26/2018
    - Fixed the bug where you can attack player at home from wildy course
    - When lended erad rank expires, they will now be removed automatically from jad
    - Fixed the force teleport location when erad expire from old home to new home
    - Added Decimation spec, same as Annihilation but Range and Def are boosted
    - Same process as Obliteration but needs a touch on cache to enable the spec bar

    9:02 AM 11/27/2018
    [Security Updates-
    - Reworked buy logs to easily check for investigation purposes
    - While checking buy logs, found out that eradication seals shop checks twice when you don't have enough seals and its confusing
    - Reworked sell logs made it very detailed for investigation purposes
    - Made Sell and Buy logs into per player basis making it easy to investigate
    - Reworked pickup logs adding coordinates where the item was picked
    - Each players has its own document for the logging picking up process
    - Added rare drop logs, for investigation purposes
    - Reworkd chatlogs to be more detailed than before
    - Made chatlogs saving on a daily basis
    - Added Auto Backup of player files
    [Ingame Hotfixes-
    - Removed Decimation arrow from rare drops
    - Added Auto clean npcs before zombie invasion starts to fix the zombie boss and minions to from spawning multiple times

    5:15 PM 11/28/2018
    [Ingame Fixes-


    - Fixed extreme ranging pots making from (1) up to (4) so you can make them in any doses
    - Fixed overload making into full pots of extreme potions rather than the annoying (3)
    - Fixed clean torstol into making unfinished torstol potion

    - Disabled banking while offering bones to altar
    - Disabled banking while unliting fire to beacon

    - Made planks into noted ones from construction shop and inreased the price
    - Reworked the pricing on herbs more likely nerfed

    - Disabled ironman from droping items
    - Added a drop warning
    - Added a drop toggle using management button on EX tab

    4:51 PM 12/3/2018

    2:45 PM 12/6/2018
    - Added an awesome boss teleport interface
    - Added all teleports to the interface
    - Rearrange letters and recoloring to look pleasant in the eyes
    - Changed the Boss location option in teleports to open the boss teleport interface instead of a never ending dialogue
    - Fixed options dialogue to look better (auto center options)
    - Removed "Enter Room" option on boss instances dialogue because the interface has a direct tele already.
    - Added auto close dialogue when selecting another boss in the interface
    - Boss instance teleporting can now be accessed easily through the interface
    - Added player info and boss info in the interface
    - Added npc level info to the inteface
    - Added npc hitpoints info to the interface
    - Drops can be shown when you pick any boss in the interface
    - You can see the drop names when you hover your mouse over the drops
    - Added an easy way to display the rank

    7:43 PM 12/6/2018
    - you cannot sell other currency items
    - added seasinger boss to teleports
    - added deathlotus boss to teleports

    5:20 PM 12/10/2018
    - Increased rocktail soup healing from 300 to 350
    - Also increased rocktail soup extra Hp increase from 130 to 150
    - Added rocktail soup effect, which gives you 10% chance to recover to full lifepoints!
    - Reduced rocktail soup price from 10 invastion tokens to 3
    - You can now resell rocktail soup for invasion tokens

    4:40 PM 12/12/2018
    [Jenny Update Logs-
    Added: jenny boss
    Added: Jenny combat script
    Added: drops on jenny boss
    changed: the price and name on the nude pix scroll on jenny
    added: jenny on the boss teleports.
    added: paramya ticket
    added: santa pet
    added: death pet
    added: father lawrence pet
    added: pet perks interface
    - Added jenny shop options to eradicated seals and character
    - Reduced jenny drops count
    - Added santa perk(autoloot drops)
    - Added an option to loot direct to inventory or bank
    - You can change by rightclick talk-to the santa pet
    - Added death perk(lifesteal)
    - death pet perk will recover your health based on 40% of your damage
    - Added father lawrence perk(regen)
    - father lawrence perk will give you an additional 400 hp regen
    - Added obsidian champ to boss drop ratio
    - Perks will last for 24hours(xmas holiday event) and 12hours on normal days
    - perks will cost 500 paramaya ticket
    - Perks will only take effect effect with their designated pet being summoned

    8:23 PM 12/13/2018
    - Fixed issue where you can't sell stuffs to jenny the sell shop
    - Added ;;dr command to know your actuall bonus drop rate
    - Added maxhit dummy at home
    - This will calculate your current maxhit on your current setup
    - Renamed the dummy into Maxhit dummy
    - Made the dummy not walkable
    - Dummy will auto refresh health all the time
    - Maxhit dummy will auto chat your current max damage
    - Maxhit dummy: Added support to range and mage

    3:52 PM 12/18/2018
    - Fixed a problem where you wont get loot when having a pet

    9:22 AM 12/19/2018
    - Dragon and ninja implings now at extremezone
    - Paramaya ticket will now cost 2.5m each
    - Adjusted the 3 pet perks time into 1 hour each and will cost 250 paramaya tix to activate
    - Disabled rnak lending from key bind settings
    [Adjusted prices for skilling money source-
    cooked rocktails now cost 25k each
    [New money making method-
    - Added creation of broad arrows
    - Broad arrowheads can be bought using slayer points, 5 points = 1k broad arrowheads
    - To buy broad arrowheads simply right click the slayermaster and the "trade" option
    - Broad arrows can be sold for 30k each so profit like 1b+ per hour
    - Made broad arrows better exp then rune arrow crafting

    - adjusted broad arrows price ea from 30k to 150k
    - adjusted price per 1k broad arrowheads to 10 slayer points each
    - removed ip address being shown when you login
    - adjusted pet perks price from 100 tix to 250 tix per hour

    1:57 PM 12/26/2018

    6:09 AM 1/3/2019
    - Jenny shop killcount requirement has been removed
    - Pets now cost 4k paramaya ticket
    - Pet perks now cost 200 ticket from 250 for an hour
    - Removed the holiday bonus message(should not be there in the first place)
    - Nerfed Jenny boss to allow mid geared players to farm

    4:19 PM 1/4/2019
    - Slayer helm will now increase damage in range and mage
    - Added woodcutting and mining shop at home ;;shop
    - Added recoloured shop at ;;shop
    - Added cyndrith's chest at home
    - Changed the teleport location on the shops in teleports dialogue
    - Made ;;dung teleport you to the current dung npcs
    - Reduced deathtouched dart to 50$ less permanently
    - Disabled boss pets from dropping on bosses
    - Disabled skillcape emote from dung cape

    9:42 PM 1/5/2019

    7:00 AM 1/7/2019
    - Gnome agility tree branch spam has been fixed
    - Added command ;;checksp to check your current spell power
    - Added player time onlnine [this includes days,hours,minutes and seconds-
    - Reworked task system tab making it look more appealing
    - Moved jenny boss to a better spawn spot

    1:01 PM 1/8/2019
    - resynced old total donation to the new webstore
    - ring of wealth will now stack above all drop bonus
    - increased drop ratio default from 200 to 350
    - dropratio will be unavailable to the players who have 15 days playtime
    - Made the task tab update live without reopening it
    - Added total donation to task tab
    - Added rank view to task tab
    - Added weekend exp view on task tab
    - Added worldvote view/timer on task tab
    - Added points section on task tab
    - Added vote points
    - Added trivia points
    - Added loyalty points
    - Added slayer points
    - Added boss slayer points
    - Added spell power points
    - Added killcount section on task tab
    - Re-added all kill counts listed before
    - Added ItemWellofGoodwill
    - Instead of gp, you will sacrifice items
    - All most items from bosses were added here, not all of the items are allowed
    - The well of good will will give the players +10% more exp, damage and health for an hour
    - Maximum amount needed for well will be 3b
    - Well will be based off ingame prices
    - Added an announcement to announce who donated and what item was donated
    - Added also a message how much left to reach maximum well amount
    - Added itemwell logs just incase we will run in some trouble

    10:20 PM 1/9/2019
    - Added login message when item well is enabled

    12:02 PM 1/11/2019
    - Adjusted item well from 10% exp to +50% exp
    - Also adjusted itemw well to have +10% critical chance
    - Adjusted health boost from item well from +10% to +50%
    - Added Item gambling game
    - Added an interface for it having 10 buttons
    - The gambling game has a chance to win 5b cash
    - In order to play the game you have to deposit your items
    - It will then convert into game credits
    - Game credits will be based on items price in gp
    - You can play the game atleast having 1b game credits
    - You will be winning 1 up to 10 100m tix randomly and 50 100m tix(5b) as jockpot
    - When playing the game, buttons numbers will be scrambled just for the excitement
    - Pick any of the numbers, when you hit the jackpot number you will reiceve the 5b pot
    - Removed amulet of fury from itemwell
    - Removed all voids from itemwell
    - Removed spirit shield and exlisir from itemwell
    - Added

    8:20 PM 1/12/2019
    - Reworked EX tab
    - Resynced buttons from old ex tab to the new ones
    - Moved the server time from EX tab to Skull/Task tab
    - Added Item Well ranking
    - Added "History" option to the well to check the well rankings
    - Made a tweak on the code to easilly add other rankings later on
    Well i don't have much stuff to add here since designing new interface takes a hell lot of time

    11:54 AM 1/14/2019
    - Fixed a support ironman bank
    - Added 1.4b shop price to treasonous ring
    - Added 800m shop price to tyrannical ring and ring of the gods
    - Added max cash shop price to decimation and annihilation
    - Removed maximum gradum from boss drop ratio
    - Added daily backup system for player files
    - Reworded PVP tokens to Erad seals from Erad Seals npc
    [Mining Update-
    - Made all ores unlimited
    [Item Well Update-
    - Added treasonous ring to the well
    - Added tyrannical ring to the well
    - Added ring of the gods to the well
    - Added decimaton to the well
    - Added annihilation to the well

    12:32 PM 1/15/2019
    - Made runite limbs cost 500k each for smithing money making
    - Gnome agility should now work properly
    - Added Skilling interface
    - Resynced skilling dialogues to the new interface
    - Added game mode selection interface
    - Resynced game mode dialogues to the new interface

    8:30 PM 1/16/2019
    [Upgrade System-
    - Added an item Obsidian gloves (Swift)
    - Added an item Obsidian gloves (Goliath)
    - Added an item OBsidian gloves (SpellCaster)
    - Swift gloves + obby gloves = obsidian gloves (swift)
    - Gloiath gloves + obby gloves = obsidian gloves (Gloiath)
    - Spellcaster gloves + obby gloves = obsidian gloves (SpellCaster)
    - All of these gloves will have an effect from the gloves combined
    - You will need 1b per upgrade
    - The upgrade will have a chance of 1:5 success rate
    - In case of fail or success, only the gp cost will be lost
    - Use the swift/goli/spelcaster to the obsidian gloves
    - Obliteration spec bar is now enabled!
    - Fixed al-kharid teleport
    - Fixed lava mine teleport

    5:49 PM 1/17/2019
    [Upgrade System-
    - Added new item elite obsidian gloves(swift)
    - Added new item elite obsidian gloves(goliath)
    - Added new item elite obsidian gloves(spellcaster)
    - upgraded elite gloves needs normal upgraded obsidian gloves ex: swift/goliath/spellcaster
    - 2B per upgrade and a chance to fail
    - new normal upgraded obsidian gloves were added to full obsidian set effect
    - elite upgraded obsidian gloves were added to full elite obsidian set effect
    - Added obby goly effect to be working even with weapons
    - Elite obby(goliath) will proc more than normal obby(goilath)

    3:13 AM 1/19/2019
    9:21 PM 1/20/2019
    - Added community manager rank
    - Added Yell for community manager
    - Fixed message icon for community manager
    - Fixed Forum Admin to Forum Administrator to look more proffesional
    - Added Login message to both CM and FA

    10:23 PM 1/20/2019
    1:37 AM 1/21/2019
    - Fixed arrow shaft making
    - Added title to community manager
    - Small fix to fadmin title from Forum Admin to Forum Administrator as requested
    - Goli effect on upgraded gloves now includes soulsplit effect
    - Added stats to the new upgraded elite obsidian gloves
    - Added 2k,5k,10k,20k,100k buy option for broad arrow tips at kuradal
    - STQ spawn rate has been fixed to insta spawn
    [Money Making-
    - Increased cut onyx sell price from 50k to 150k
    - Increased cut dragonstone price from 12k to 150k
    [Drop ratio-
    - Removed drop ratio to obby king, necrolord, eradicator,fear,wildywyrm,aod,stq,glacors
    - Added boss drop ratio to hairymonkey boss
    - Remove the hp boost bug instead and adding +20% damage reduction

    6:12 PM 1/24/2019
    - fixed dicer previlage to plant flower poker
    [Sadie and others that collaborated-
    - The list below are the equipment that has their stats adjusted
    - bandos helm
    - goliath gloves 4 colors
    - malevolent set
    - sea singers
    - sirenic (to be released)
    - tectonic (to be released)
    - trickster
    - vanguard
    - Vesta's
    - lava phat

    2:20 PM 1/26/2019
    [Rise of the Six-
    - Enter rots by using ;;rots
    - Click the chest and all barrows will spawn
    - Kill them all and open the chest
    - You get reward while you teleported to home
    - Added a message to know what did you get from the chest
    - Added worldmessages when you get rare item from it (pets and the trident)
    - Gave admin the previlage to disable or enable rots from public
    [Rots Rewards-
    - Added all of barrows pets
    - Barrows pets can be aquired with 250:1 chance
    - Added the malevolent energy to rots drops in 50:1 chance
    - Added vote tickets, invasion tokens, erad seals and 100m tix to decent rewards
    - To view current rots rewards just type ;;rotsrewards
    - Click the malevolent to craft
    - Created reinforcing plates by hand, did try to copy realrs ones lol(atleast i tried lol)
    - Enabled the "Learn" option on slayer rewards at kuradal
    - Added an option to buy the ability to u for 100 slayer points
    - Cleaned the interface to look fresh (open for future updates)
    - You need 14 malevolent energy and 10 reinforcing plates for helm
    - You need 28 energy, 10 plates for pants
    - You need 39 energy and 10 plates for armour
    - You will also need atleast 91 smithing to craft it
    [Jenny adjustment-
    - Removed most of the junks from jenny
    - Adjusted its attack speed (nerfed)
    - Adjusted respawn delay of jenny
    - Made obby shards auto activate well
    - Nerfed blink hp to 10k
    - Added a small reward for antibot
    - Added antibot for crafting

    6:52 PM 1/26/2019
    [ROTS Updates/Hotfixes-
    - Added rots trip counter
    - Added World message for every 100 rots trips
    - Added power scroll as decent rewards from rots
    - Power scroll gives +100 sp

    3:24 PM 1/27/2019
    - Added hp examine for staffs, can be viewed on client console
    - Barrows pet chance now goes up to 500:1
    - All barrows inside rots now having 3k HP
    - Increased their accuracy (will now hit often)
    - Added rots trip counter message
    - Rebalanced the requirement to craft malevolent
    - You need 4 malevolent energy and 5 reinforcing plates for helm
    - You need 6 energy, 10 plates for pants
    - You need 10 energy and 15 plates for armour

    8:16 PM 1/27/2019

    11:20 AM 1/31/2019
    - Fixed reinforcement plates unable to be picked
    - Keybind for bank on irons has been fixed
    [Stats rework-
    - Obsidian platelegs
    - Elite obsidian platebody
    - Elite obsidian platelegs
    - Vanguard helm
    3:36 PM 2/1/2019
    - Increase decent rewards on ROTS
    - ;;rotsrewards made into interface instead in the chatbox
    [Ballak boss-
    - Added ballak boss that spawns randomly in 4 locations every hour
    - You need atleast 3k damage to recieve a reward
    - boss has 30k hp
    - Added mystery box, recoloured and renamed to "Boss box"
    [Ballak rewards-
    - players with atleast 3k damage will recieve boss box
    - boss box will randomly produce the following:
    - sp scroll up to 10pcs
    - invasion tokens up to 500
    - erad seals up to 500
    - 100m tix up to 10 pcs
    - common items like revs
    - 100sp per kill (atleast 3k damage)
    - Made spell scroll stackable

    8:50 AM 2/2/2019

    [New Icon/Crowns update-
    - Added Dev crown
    - Added vet crown
    - Added new Owner crown
    - Added blue forum admin crown
    - Added youtube crown
    [Ranks update-
    - Added developer rank
    - Added youtube rank
    - Added dev title
    - added youtube title
    - added dev message icon
    - added youtube message icon
    - Fixed the new ranks on ;layers interface
    - Added login messages to the new ranks
    - swift effect on elite gloves should now work properly
    - Lottery will now have rares in 100b gp worth
    - Made ovl flask into noted ovl flask in donor potion store
    - Fixed takehero command
    - Fixed ironman smuggle using BoB method
    - Added tradeban
    - Added deathlogs
    - Added an option to change home in character settings
    - Added the ;lug command for papiboi
    - Fixed the ;c command

    10:22 PM 2/7/2019
    - Added server console for a convenient way to operate the server
    - Integrated all needed information to sync well with console and ingame
    - Added a way to use command even on console

    7:35 AM 2/9/2019
    [Ballak WorldBoss-
    - Added portal to teleport to ballak
    - Portal will only spawn when ballak spawns
    - Portal will also despawn itself when ballak dies
    - Added the portal on both homes
    - Added an ability for ballak to switch targets
    - Ballak now has 40k hp
    - Disabled deathtouched dart effect when attacking ballak
    - Moved ballak a bit further from sunfreet boss area
    - Added spawn timer for ballak on the task tab
    - Damage requirement to recieve rewards now decreased to 2k from 3k
    - Added logout message
    - Fixed the issue where the server nulls when someone died at wildy
    - Reworked itemwell allowed items
    - Fixed hp of crawling hands to 500
    - Increased crawling hands respawn time
    - Made respawning properly done (21 seconds for default time on all npcs while 3 seconds on the fastest respawn time on instances)

    [SpellPower Rework-
    - Armadyl: 2
    - Bandos: 2
    - Saradomin: 2
    - Zamorak: 2
    - Copyright: 7
    - Something: 5
    - Fatal Resort: 6
    - Obsidian King: 4
    - Tzhaar Jad: 6
    - Warped Gulega: 10
    - General Khazard: 10
    - Sunfreet: 10
    - Eradicator: 5
    - Maximum Gradum: 1
    - Wilderness King: 6
    - Corporeal Beast: 15
    - Fear: 8
    - AoD: 4
    - Blink: 5
    - Necrolord: 2
    - Wildywyrm: 15
    - Hairymonkey: 5
    - Hardmode Trio: 6
    - Jenny: 4
    - Seasinger: 5
    - ROTS: 15
    - Added fully customizable clan title for every clan just do ;;clantitle (only leaders can change edit the title)
    - Added auto remove title when kicked/leaving from clan

    8:18 AM 2/12/2019

    10:30 PM 2/14/2019
    - Fixed clan title being removed when relogging
    - Death delay on all monsters has been set to almost instant

    7:14 PM 2/16/2019
    - made overloads not sellable
    - Fixed amradyl having 2 kc per kill
    - Made the portal permanent instead of spawning and despawning (causing wierd portal being invisible)
    - You can now have as many dummy anywhere without conflict
    - Fixed dummy that were able to run/follow the attacker
    - Added a player message for how much damage you deal not just from npc force talk

    5:16 PM 2/19/2019
    [Nex Update-
    - Made nex sp gain to 250
    - SP gain will be divided into all participants of the kill
    - SP is increased 20% on parties
    7:47 AM 2/20/2019
    - Made logs not being saved when using the test server *confuses the logs
    - Fixed Super Dragon instance bug where players can stay even when the lent rank ended
    - Finally Fixed the lent erad rank abusing erad instances when the rank ends
    - Fixed ;;discord link
    - Fixed the slow time online counter
    - Removed mage and range damage boost from normal slayer helms and transfered to full slayer helms
    - Added santa,death,frlawrence perk timer to ex tab
    - Made raffle jackpot to 500b
    - Remove pets from all bosses
    4:16 PM 2/21/2019
    [Elite Boss Slayer - A highier level boss slayer-
    - Added duradel npc to handle boss slaying
    (Bosses available for the task will be)
    - Nex
    - General Khazard
    - Warped Gulega
    - Sunfreet
    - Obsidian King
    - TzHaar Jad
    - HairyMonkey
    - KingBlackDragon
    - HM trio
    - ROTS
    6:59 PM 2/22/2019
    - Added the dialogue to Duradel for slayer task
    - Made a custom code for ROTS and HM trio slayer count
    - Fixed the all lower case boss names when speaking with duradel and grim reaper
    - Sp gain also increased 50% more than normal boss tasks
    - Elite tasks gives 40 points while 120 on triple task upgrade
    - Autoloot Invasion tokens for 1500 points
    - Autoloot Cash Drops for 1500 points
    - Anguish and Torment Ability will be unlocked here for 2k points, in progress...
    [Jenny Boss Update-
    - 1 hour pet perk will now cost 50 paramaya ticket which was 200 before
    - You can also stack the time when buying the pet perks

    4:45 PM 3/2/2019

    9:01 PM 3/4/2019
    [Aura Manager-
    - Added warning message when trying to activate aura that's already activated
    - Made it so it won't deposit the aura if its activated
    - Added a warning message if the aura is active and trying to deposit all equipment
    - Added an option when you unequip your aura
    8:56 AM 3/6/2019
    - Made super bones cost 10m instead of 5m each in the grinder
    - Added proper formatting on the numbers when trying to empty the bin for better understanding
    - Super rank will not take damage from ovl unless its lended
    - Added ;;curseon/off to automatically switch the prayers without talking to father Aereck
    - Spec will replenish when killing somone in the wild
    - Erad rank will not take damage from ovl unless its lended
    - Added ;;curseon/off to automatically switch the prayers without talking to father Aereck
    - Spec will replenish when killing somone in the wild
    - Made it so ;;curseon/off only useable in safezones
    - Added world message upon success in fixing elites
    [Degradable Elites-
    - Added new degraded Elite Armours and Weapons
    - Added the degrading process, the names will have (b) which means broken
    - The degraded elites doesn't have any stats
    - The degrading process will only count when in combat
    [Fixing Elites-
    - Fixing degraded armours will cost 5 100m tix and a chance to fail
    - Fixing degraded weapons will only cost 2 100m tix and same chance to fail
    - To fix the degraded elites, you just need the 100m tix in your inv
    - Obsidian shards will be used on armours and regular trio items for weapons
    - The used item (shards/Trio weps) will be sacrificed when the fix has succeed
    [Donator Mystery Box-
    - Most lucky items are removed, thanks to luci for the list
    - You can ;;checkmbox for an updated list
    9:08 AM 3/7/2019
    - Nerfed Anni,Deci and Oblit spec to 138
    - Anni spec will now use eradicator potion instead of overload
    - Removed cannon furnce from something
    - Made tzhaar whip activates the well automatically
    - Made enchanted obby shard instead of normal shard to repair broken elite armour
    - Added Highlight boss in the task tab
    - Added timer of zombie invasion in the task tab
    - Removed music cape and basket of eggs from raffle jackpot
    - Added "Info" and "History" option to well of good will
    - Info will show the allowed items to be added to the well
    - The history will show the history rankings of the well
    [New Ranks Update-
    - Added command to promote/demote Veteran/ExStaff
    - Added login/logout message for Veteran and ExStaff rank
    - Added Titles for Veteran and ExStaff ranks
    - Added Wiki Editor rank and Icon
    - Made ;;vetitle accesible to vets
    - Made the title id for vets exclusive to their rank
    - Added ;;boxinggloves command to vets also
    - Packed most of the rank files into one for faster way of adding ranks
    - Renamed null item to Blood Whip and added "Wield" option to be able to wield
    - Renamed another null item into Off-hand Blood Longsword and added wield option
    - New ;;home is up and ready!
    - New ;;shops is up and ready!
    - Added stats editing and will take effect right away, no need server restarts just like before

    11:21 AM 3/16/2019
    - Made santa pet cost 2k paramaya tickets while 500 for fr lawrence and death pet
    [Degrading update-
    - Degrading default time has been changed from 24 hours to 6 days or 144 hours
    - Added funciton to the "check" options for elite armours
    - Added the charges check on "examine" option since other elites doesn't have "check" option
    - Added Days down to seconds time check for the elite items
    - Added the check charges function on the "examine" in the equipment interface
    - Added functionality to all "examine" on equipment interface
    - This will open the possibilites to add other option to an item when equipped
    - Added toggleable vote message on chatbox through character info
    - Also added toggleable mbox messages
    - Fixed shop teleport keybind
    - Fixed player respawn location to the new home
    - Added ;;home1 and ;;home2 commands for the old homes if you missed them
    - Made anni,deci and oblit spec 7mins longer just like erad pots
    - Removed nex highlight
    - Added a message to all item on object function if it returns invalid or not coded, would say "Nothing interesting happens".
    [Admin Commands-
    - Added a command to activate and deactivate well for admins
    - You will notice a bit of change in timers and potions, instance, we will observe this changes
    - If this works better then we stick with it or change it back to how it was
    - This change is important, it will lessen the server load since the vps cpu/memory won't be forced to load as fast as it should like before

    4:59 PM 3/24/2019
    - Fixed damage dummy sometimes not recognizing highscore
    - Reason was they still have their last ranking's highiest damage recorded
    - And the highscores won't update until they break their old highiest record
    - This has already been fixed
    1:31 PM 3/25/2019
    - cooking stews with cooking gaunts will remove the burn rate completely
    - Increase rocktail soup price to 5 inv tokens each
    - Blink is now the the same as non instanced one
    - Jenny will function the same as non instanced
    - Sunfreet and Corp cap damage is removed on instance
    - DarkEnergy core will not spawn in instance
    - Did some modifications on nex and to be observed if the problem with no drops were fixed
    - Added back the commands to teleport to bosses directly
    1:31 PM 3/26/2019
    - ;;title 511 for youtubers exclusive title
    - Only dicers can now plant for flower poker
    - Reworked all of the ranking system for easy modifications later on (this took forver and still needs check if i miss something)
    - players needs to be atleast within 10 tiles far when ballak dies to be able to reiceve the rewards
    - Broken elite will now be able to repair by enchanted shards not the normal shards
    - Normal Obsidian pieces can now be bought for normal shards not Enchanted Shards

    6:44 PM 3/28/2019
    - Fixed yell bug
    - Yell are now back to its normal state
    - Title numbers from 1-58 are now free to use 59 and above are exclusive for donors only
    - Added ;;gettitle command to get their respective titles on that rank rather than finding the title number
    - You can now resell your normal obsidian for shards
    - Moved a bit further for teleporting yanille on ballak instance
    - Fixed the players online interface which was different from ;layers
    - Added rank names to lent donations (forgotten cause i rewrote this)
    - Erad bones can now be noted

    8:23 PM 3/29/2019
    proritize the rank color especially on head admin and make it color red

    8:35 AM 4/4/2019
    - Added color to lent ranks
    - Cooking gauntlets are now fixed
    8:59 PM 4/5/2019
    - fixed some recoloring on chats etc

    7:38 AM 4/12/2019
    - Helper crown overrides donator/vet/dicer/exStaff ranks
    3:33 AM 4/13/2019
    - Fixed jenny's nulling when attacking steel titan
    - Fixed crown of admin and mod when getting rares
    - Fixed elite obby gloves (swift) bonus on full set (wrong id was used)
    - Fixed ;;deathlotus to directly teleport to the boss
    - Fixed ;;blink teleport
    - Fixed ;;trio teleport to teleport outside instead of teleporting directly to fatal boss
    - Inceased gp per kill on ballak from 5m to 20m
    - Now you will need to be in combat with ballak for atleast 60 seconds to be able to obtain the reward
    - If 60 seconds passed and you haven't attacked ballak, the rewards will be forfeited
    - Reworked boss box rewards from ballak
    - You can now view bossbox drops when examining it
    - Added a message when opening the boss box
    - Added world announcement when getting an epic drop from the boss box
    - Changed the spawn location from yannile to somewhere near the see shore
    - Added more question to the trivia bot
    - Fixed some of the answers of the trivia bot
    - Added anagrams challenge
    - Added guess the movie challenge
    - Removed Abysal whip and granite maul from itemwell
    - Added dummy timer to the task tab (skull tab)
    - Made changes to ironman ranks (Added ironwoman if the character is a female)
    - Uncapitalized IronMan to Ironman (cause why not, blame papi)
    - Increased death pet price from 500 tickets to 1000 paramaya tickets
    - Decreased the healing per hit of the pet from 40% to 20%
    - Added ;;sz command for helpers
    - Added helpers the ability to answer tickets

    8:41 AM 4/18/2019
    [NEW RANK-
    - Added new rank called Server Sponsor
    - Added previllages as eradicator
    - Added ;;tonpc and ;;emote command
    - Added an easter quest brought to you by sadie
    - Rewards for completing the quest are as follows
    - 25 Spell Scrolls
    - 10 Huge XP Lamps
    - Easter Ring - turns you into a bunny
    - An exclusive access to ;;easter area (limited time only)
    - Added bunnies at ;;easter area for killng purposes
    - These bunnies will drop easter egg that has chance to get good drops just like mbox
    - The drops of the easter egg are to be posted so keep the eggs for now
    2:20 PM 4/24/2019
    - Added drops to easter eggs
    - Made 3 rarity levels for different items

    6:07 PM 4/24/2019

    - Added coordinates calculation for instancese for easy spawning on certain tile at instances
    6:04 PM 5/4/2019

    5:28 PM 5/8/2019
    - Fixed dummy glitch when using poison weapons
    - Fixed poison glitch when doing damage dummy minigame
    - Made the dummy to tell the time left and the total damage dealt
    - Recolored to make it look better
    [Rank Updates-
    - Removed extreme rank, and made it same benefit to regular donator rank
    - Changed ;;dz teleport coordinates to extreme zone
    - Added regular npcs to extreme zone
    - Added daily sof spin rewards depending on donator ranks [2,4,6,8,10- respectively
    - Fixed randomization on each stackable items on SoF
    (Admin Only)
    - Added ;;spins spincount command, needs spins for this, ;;sendspins playername
    5:14 PM 5/14/2019
    [Rank Updates-
    - Dicer rank removed and made it a previllage or a perk to dice
    - Added a way to obtain dicing previllage by using a certain scroll
    - Recolord scroll name into RED and rename it to Dicing Scroll
    - Upon clicking the scroll, it will give you the dicing previllage
    - Added an announcement when activating the dicing scroll
    - Added Legendary donator rank (300usd)
    - Added Supreme donator rank (600usd)
    - Added ;;ancients ;;lunars ;;moderns command to switch spellbook for legendary and above ranks
    - Adjusted legendary rank dummy timer to 6 hours insteand of 12 hours
    - Added x5 perma exp boost for legendary ranks
    - Added x6 perma exp boost for supreme ranks
    - Added perma drop bonus of 1.3x for supreme donator ranks

    - Modified skeleton to have search option
    - Added script to search option of certain skeleton
    - Copied certain skeleton and renamed it, adding script for the raids
    - Added a modified corgi

    - Reduced tile size of santa pet to 1 instead of 2
    - Reduced the clickable spot of santa pet
    - Made the spin and double spin ticket stackable

    3:23 PM 5/21/2019
    - Reworked raids
    1:42 PM 5/29/2019
    - Made certain area instanced for raids
    - Added ability to be able to click the first gate and start the raids process
    - Made the portal on the lobby/first room used to exit the raids
    - Made teleportation will exit raids
    - Added unique gates spawned as the raids instance being created
    - Added 3 skeleton with proper attack animation
    - Made it to spawn on a 1 second interval with gfx effect
    - Made the skeleton aggresive and added some combat bonuses
    - Added 2 combat attack styles for skeleton, range and melee
    - Made skeleton having 2k hp and when all three killed, a boss will spawn
    - Added lightning cloud gfx to the boss when spawned
    - Added a script to spawn minion and will not recieve damage unless the minion is killed
    - Added healing script for the boss
    - When the boss died, it will enable you to enter to the next gate
    - There are three gates and has different skilling puzzles(mining/woodcutting/fishing)
    - You will be picking one of these gates depends on what skilling you choose
    - Added gem rocks where you need a pickaxe in your inventory to mine it
    - In there you will find the key to enter to the next room
    - There are 10 gem rocks and they have random event on each rocks
    - Added giant rock carb on one of these rocks
    - Added magic trees where you also need an axe to cut them
    - Added random event to each trees as you cut them
    - Same process as mining, you will get a key from one of these trees
    - Added tree spirit npc in one of these trees
    - Same as above but fishing, you need harpoon in your inventory
    - Each of these fishing spots will also generate random events such as a boss spawning, a minion or some helpful items as you go along your journey, or not really helpfull stuff at all
    - Added sea snake on one of these spots
    - Added gfx effect to each fishing spot when succesfully caught something
    - Added gfx also to the trees and the gem rocks when succeed in cutting or mining
    - Added the doors for the preparation of the 3RD GATES
    - Made it so you need keys to enter and keys will be deleted once you enter the 3rd gate
    - Reworked the way the instance will start that it will prepare all the objects and mazes rather than maze appear when entering the gate, it will give the players hint where they want to go
    - Fixed the gem rocks, magic trees, fishing spot to be only exclusive on raids
    - 3rd gate will be boss fights
    - Preparing the boss for it
    - Preparing a good script
    1:43 PM 6/6/2019
    - moved the gates 1 tile so it wont take any spaces on every rooms
    6:47 PM 6/8/2019
    - Added jenny boss temporarily on stage 3 can't find any interactive boss for now plus there are rooms that are too small
    - Created new npc called skeletal minions where they use skeletal cosmetic set
    - Made them wield certain sword (can't find any skeleton type of sword for them)
    - Added ags spec on the minions
    - Added range attack style on the minions
    - Added skeletal minions on stage 4 before the boss spawns
    - You have to kill all 20 minions and every 5 kills will generate a camera shake and tornado
    - Tornado will multiply every 5th kills
    - Added a script on skeletal boss for more interactive pvm experience
    - One of the boss script that will form a cold gfx on players tile and will rain ice after certain seconds
    - players need to move away or else they will hit by the ice shards fallen from it
    - Will add more attack styles to this boss next week

    6:51 AM 6/20/2019
    - Erad rank are now 100usd
    - Added an interface pop up of drop list when examining cosmetic box
    - Added more items to donation store
    assignment: skel boss needs to be ranged melee - done
    9:57 PM 6/24/2019
    - adding tele area to the gates - done
    - Three paths are now working fine up to skeleton boss
    [ZOMBIE BOSS 1st stage-
    - fixed proper skills of the boss
    - adjusted the skill gfx and animations to fit with each other
    - nerfed the healing mechanism
    - reworked how damage are done
    - adjusted how the boss spawns its minion when HP falls below 50%
    - Added new ability that will make the experience of the boss exciting
    - This ability will throw 5 axes on random tiles and will spawn small npc
    - These npc will follow the target for 6 seconds until it dies
    - When these npcs caught the target, it will explode
    - Added gfx effect upon exploding
    - Added an independent projectile that will cover all projectile details like speed, curve, delay etc
    - Fixed the 2nd and 3rd stage doors to properly teleport to the right location
    - Fixed and double check if the player can bypass each doors
    3:42 PM 6/25/2019
    - Added 10 daily free spins to supreme donators
    - Added 8 daily free spins to legendary donators
    - Added 6 daily free spins to eradicator donatos
    - Added 4 daily free spins to super donators
    - Added 3 daily free spins to regular donators
    6:43 AM 7/4/2019
    - Added the new rank legendary and supreme to the lower donator rank checks
    - Added a message when recieving the daily spins per rank
    - Added the erad teleport animation to legendary, supreme rank nad hero
    - Made hero exp bonus same with erad rank
    - Made hero rank doubles sp per kill
    - Made hero rank unli jenny pet perks
    - Made hero rank doubles the vote tickets per vote
    - Made hero rank doubles all kind of slayer points including elite and boss task
    2:08 PM 7/5/2019
    7:40 AM 7/13/2019
    - Made the boss spawn a portal after death
    - Added a teleport location when clicking the portal
    10:22 PM 7/14/2019
    [Ranks Update-
    - Adjusted Erad destroy price from 120b to 80b
    - Adjusted Legendary destroy price to 160b
    - Adjusted Supreme destroy price to 320b
    - Added Legendary, Supreme, Hero to the donators teleport
    - Removed Extreme teleport since the rank has been removed

    1:52 PM 7/18/2019
    [Ranks Update-
    - Added teleport to legendary dragons by using ;;ldragons
    - Added teleport to Supreme dragons by using ;;sdragons
    - Currently Reworking on Instancing system with easier input on future instances

    11:14 AM 7/19/2019

    8:50 AM 7/23/2019
    - separated offline/test server saving files so it wont complicate the live files
    - fixed droprate

    6:55 AM 7/25/2019
    - adding pin method

    10:37 PM 7/29/2019 endInstance

    - Added cyndrith quest
    - Fixed Achievements tab buttons
    - Added the dialogue to
    - Elite Quest Chapter I added
    - Elite Quest Chapter II added
    - Elite Quest Chapter III added
    - Requirements on these quest may change due to different contents on w2
    - Fixed donator benefits ingame>info desk>donator info
    - Fixed the amount of text to be placed on the scroll message so we can write stuffs longer ex: donator benefits interface
    - Added the elite icon which was supreme icon on w1
    - Fixed yell and simplified for easier use
    - Removed most of w2 donator ranks and added our own
    - Revamped donator benefits on w2
    - Added the daily sof spin rewards to each donator ranks
    - Added the daily loyalty points reward to each donator ranks
    - Added the daily xp boost to each ranks
    - Fixed a possible no inventory space upon recieving the daily rewards, it will now go to their bank
    - Added the daily dtd to each ranks
    - Added the slayer points boost on each ranks
    - Remodel daily rewards to a way better framework
    - Players will now get their daily rewards by logging in and being online for a minute
    - [Donators- Daily login will accumulate until logging on for a 7 days to get the weekly reward same works for monthly reward
    - Daily login points will be saved to your account
    - Daily login points will reset every 7th when the player got their weekly reward, same goes for monthly rewards
    - Monthly rewards has different daily login points and wont mix up with the weekly login points
    - All tangible rewards will be sent to inventory or to bank if full so no worries on that part
    - Monthly rewards are recorded and adds up adding a yearly rewards in the future(watch out for this one)

    9:42 PM 11/25/2019
    - Repriced trivia shop

    5:06 PM 11/28/2019
    - Added charm drops
    - Added donator promoting checks every donation added cause it spams promoting even though its already promoted to that rank
    - Removed phats on vote shop
    7:06 PM 11/29/2019
    - Made the buy interface able to sell stuffs
    - Made "Sell 500" to "Sell All" and it will sell maximum of 2147483647 items
    - Hopefully fixed the problem with over max cash or over max item amount turns into 1 when added to inv
    11:51 AM 11/30/2019
    - Fixed ;;setpass command
    - Added damage dummy, rewards will be 100m tickets(total damage divided by 5k) if 5k less, will give default 1 100m tix
    - Added a check incase the player has full inv, reward will be sent to bank
    10:50 AM 12/4/2019
    - Added boss killcount
    - Removed gwd minions and their ability to spawn from their bosses
    - Removed gwd controller which shows the needed killcount to enter gwd bosses
    5:01 PM 12/5/2019
    - Added Boss Instancing Content from w1 to w2
    - Added bandos to boss instancing
    - Added perma bandos instance
    - Added normal teleport to bandos
    - Added arma to boss instancing
    - Added perma arma instance
    1:11 PM 12/6/2019
    - Fixed logout to be same with login message
    - Changed instance map into better one
    - Moved the spawn of the player and the boss to fit the new instance map properly
    - Moved kuradal from shops to home
    - Added zammy to boss instance
    - Fixed glacors error on the combat script
    - Trio instance added
    - Deathlotus instance added
    - Re-designed drop list while examining the boss
    - Seasinger instance added
    - Blink instance added
    - Fixed white map on dungeoneering

    10:09 PM 12/6/2019
    - Removed the empty inventory requirement when entering dung
    - Changed reward of dungeoneering into erad seals
    - Changed the currency needed to buy from dung shop into erad seals

    12:53 PM 12/9/2019
    - Did a fix on coins going over max cash which will turn into 1, need more report on this to be tested
    - Fixed miasmic barrage for extreme donators and up
    - Fixed the problem with slayer task which was due to highier max level of 120
    - Added dialogue to pets when owner wants to pick em up
    - Added a check so player won't be able to interact with pet/familiar from other players
    - Removed the "Free pet" message cause it's confusing wtf
    - Fixed ascension weapon giving melee damage
    - Made trees impossible to despawn, was 10,000 : 1 chance but it still happens lol
    - Adjusted back dummy timer, forgot to change it back to normal while i was testing to fix
    - Tweaked so kuradal will charge money from pouch or inv when resetting task
    - Fixed mod crown for fc and yell
    - Fixed staff privilege on yell

    2:43 PM 12/10/2019
    - Added dummy leaderboards
    - Change icon on level up announcement into different one instead of owner icon
    - Change some colors on skull tab to make it look better
    - Increased guardanteed drop to obby king to 250
    - Blood necklace price increased from 2k to 5k
    - Added voting rewards and links
    - Added rune-server to the voting list
    - Added runelocus
    - Added top100Arena
    - Added topg
    - Added rspslist
    - Added rsps-page
    - Added rsps100
    - Added arenatop100
    - Added toprsps
    - Added moparscape
    - Added crown to whispers
    9:49 AM 12/11/2019
    - enchanted gem teleport to task increased from 25m to 100m
    - Made a command for slayerporter perk to get the slayer gem for free by typing ;;gem
    - Made ;;reward ;;claimreward ;;claimvote to recieve vote rewards
    - Now claiming vote rewards will be manual, and it will inform you how many claimable votes left
    - Adjusted votes tickets reiceved per rank
    - Fixed clue scrolls donation error ingame
    - Fixed 99 all skills message that spams even if you reach 120 already
    - Remove admins levelup messages cause its spams a lot especially when testing something
    - Fixed max cape unable to equip even though they are maxed
    - Skiller cape reward/requirements fixed on compstand at home
    - Max cape reward/requirements fixed on compstand at home
    - ComCape cape reward/requirements fixed on compstand at home
    6:54 AM 12/12/2019
    - Added thieving counter for comp at home
    - Boss pet drop announcement fixed
    - Added 1 more voting toplist to vote
    - Change vote shop prices and currency needed
    11:07 AM 12/13/2019
    - Clan inviting fixed
    - Fixed Headmod and Mod commands
    - Fixed the changes in color when reaching the requirement for compcape
    - Fixed the glitch where players enter instance with pin and doesn't take out money
    - Removed overload damage to elite, supreme and eradicator ranks
    - Fixed where overload making takes an additional requirement randomly
    - Fixed overload from making (3)'s into (4)'s
    - Fixed were players can abuse the bank keybind without any restrictions
    - Removed exp gained from pipes to avoid spamming
    - Fixed furnace at home
    - Fixed any object named furnace will be used for smelting when using ores to them
    - Untradables will be shattered and gone when dying in wildy
    1:06 AM 12/19/2019
    - Setting donation total for admins will now auto detect and auto adjust their donor ranks
    - Added ;;checkdonor command for admins to see which donor rank the player has
    - Fixed ;;bank command being available in most places
    - Fixed advance teleport saying 120 combat level needed while it was set to 150 combat level
    9:12 PM 12/21/2019
    - Exp scrolls gives dxp for 10mins as normal player and regular donor and will add 10mins every next donor rank up to 60mins
    - Exp scrolls will not stack on weekend dxp
    - Fixed coin collector perk
    10:34 PM 12/23/2019
    - Nerfed polypore normal attack damage
    - Added new santa hat colors to webstore
    8:08 AM 12/26/2019
    - Moved the ;;afk command to staffs only due to abuse on pvm
    - Nerfed anti-bot from 200:0 to 300:0
    - Added right click examine to legend mystery box that shows an interface of its drops rarity
    - Found a null on virtus drop ratio which prevent it drop dropping and has been fixed
    - Separated trio instance to avoid all of the three attacking together
    - Fixed commander zilyana instance/teleport
    - Fixed sword of edicts attack animation from 2h sword to one handed
    - Added qbd counter when qbd killed
    - Added drops to the pet box
    - Added pet box to the right click examine interface
    8:22 AM 12/27/2019
    - Added QBD tele to intermediate bosses
    - Reworked charm drops handling
    - Charm collector perk and charming pet will have their own version of charm drops
    - If you have both, you will get double charm drops
    - Charm collector also increases the chance of a charm drop
    - Added pet box on webstore
    8:26 PM 12/29/2019
    - Fixed overlocker perk
    - Fixed crowns on clan chats
    9:40 AM 12/30/2019
    - fixed era rare drop issue
    - Fixed npcn command from admins
    - Fixed ;;topic command

    6:32 AM 1/22/2020
    - Removed antibot in everything
    - Did a fix on the click lock bug where examining npc doesn't work
    - Fixed rcr on hand adding wield option and fixing the inventory model
    - Fixed rcr off-hand with the correct wielding option and inventory model rotation
    - Added a custom code to the client that helps me fix model rotation on inventory(better than doing it on cache editor)

    9:36 AM 1/24/2020
    - Fixed/Removed the null item from christmas box
    - Totally removed the level up announcement for admin and up ranks
    - Prevented the players to sell items that goes over max value on shops
    - Fixed the interface when opening security button on EX tab
    - Added togglable desktop notification when player whispers you, can be accessed through profile in the EX tab
    - Moved wildy agility course teleport to inside the course
    - Added an npc that will teleport you home immediately
    - Added player count on the chatbox "report" area
    - Made General store open sell shop when clicked and buy shop when using the second option (trade)
    - Fixed fishing master to open shop upon clicking and few npcs
    - Added the missing Obsidian armour to the Obby Shop

    9:03 AM 1/30/2020
    - Doubles the eradicated seals reward from dung
    - Made chaotics or anything from dung shop untradable
    - Added Nex teleport to intermediate bosses with 110 slayer requirement
    - Added group dungeoneering
    - Added groun dungeoneering npc to ;;dung teleport
    - Moved ;;dung coordinates near the dung entrance where group dung npc is also near
    - Added a check where players need to be on the same map before entering in group dung
    - Fixed an error where leaving from dung gives error and breaks the group
    - Added a proper message when someone left the group or you left the group
    - Added a check where you can't leave your group when inside dungeon unless you are dced
    - Exp and Seals on group dung are 50% highier than solo, and divided by how many players in the group

    10:48 AM 2/10/2020
    - Made slayer gem untradable
    - Increased slayer exp to 50% more
    - Cooperative slayer has been added
    - Can Invite up to 5 players to the team including the leader/creator
    - Player will use the gem to the target to be able to invite
    - Player/Team should be on the same area to recieve exp and kill count
    - Cooperative Slayer option can be accessed through slayer gem "co-op option"
    - Added an interface to show that the player is being invited
    - Added check if the player is doing something like opening bank or shop etc before inviting
    - Added kick function to the co-op slayer slayer gem option
    - Added leave function to the co-op slayer gem option
    - When the player logs out, the second person from the leader will be the next leader
    kuradal dialogue
    12:42 PM 2/11/2020
    - Fixed a problem with bonecrusher not giving exp
    - Fixed the bug where players gets the slayer kill count depends on team count
    - Finished reworking kuradal dialogue merging the the new cooperative slayer system
    10:29 AM 2/13/2020
    - Slayer rings will now consume charges everytime you finished task
    - Slayer rings increase your slayer points reward depends on amount of task
    - Slayer ring points increased by 100% from (8) charges and will slowly deplete by 10% less as the charges goes down up to 30% less (1)
    - Remove skeleton from the slayer task
    - Added and reworked new Slayer rewards interface
    - You will now need to unlock malevolent,sirenic and tectonic drops from slayer npcs for 500 slayer points
    - Other crafting requirement for malev,sirenic and tectonic can be bought for 100 slayer points on the new slayer rewards interface
    - Crafting materials from slayer drops are more common to lvl 200 npc and up, will drop less if npc is level 100 and more less if under 100
    - Unlock all three drops will have their different RNG and may drop at the same time if you are lucky
    - Nerfed pyromaniac bonefire hp bonus
    - Fixed keybind banking without interuptions glitch
    - Fixed no requirement equiping bug on bank preset
    - Made herblore shop sell noted cleaned herbs
    - Made all prices on herb shop cost 100k
    - Made herbshop items non sellable to npc
    7:42 AM 2/14/2020
    - Added dragon armours to sof
    - Added ;;spawnevent command for custom npc that drops items i want (for event purposes)
    - Added sirenic scale and algarum thread to mbox, removed ring of omnipotence
    - Added off-hand chaotics(rapier,longsword,xbow) to dung shop priced at 200k each
    - Made off-hand chaotics non tradable
    - Increased token gainz for dung up to 150% more for ez chaotic starting gear
    - Added ring of slayer(8) to mystery box
    - Added eradicated seals to mystery box, when obtained you get5k minimum and 10k maximum
    - Added mbox to Sof (uncommon rarity)
    - Added attack style to RCR
    - Addd Auto spinner ticket that spins x100 spins at once
    - Recalibrated sof drops to be more balanced
    - Added spins to webstore with additional sof auto spin ticket for free
    - Added sof auto spin ticket to webstore
    12:07 AM 2/16/2020
    -fixed drop non tradable problem]



    Shift+Click Drop
    Force OpenGL/DirectX on loginScreen rather than the buggy software/safemode
    LoginScreen Re-designing
    Client AutoUpdate
    Client Launcher

    Custom Interfaces
    Boss Scripts
    Spawn PVP Risk and non Risk
    Custom Raids
    Data dumper/packer
    Bug fixing of any sorts
    Any unique content you like bro

    Custom NPC
    Custom Items
    Modeling - not the brightest
    Adding Particles to any item

    * Only working with integration not with the website itself, i am limited to website knowledge
    Player statistics Rare drop log for example
    Discord bot
    Discord Rich Presence(New)

    Spoiler for Some media:

    I can do lower revision works but will take me a bit of time due to learning on how it works, It's basically the same java but I need to familiarize how it is written to understand how it works

    I can start with $3 as minimum per work and will vary depends on the the difficulty and time it takes to finish
    Paypal is the only Option for now.

    Contact Info
    Discord: Era#4045 UID: 232266021413584896

    Spoiler for vouches:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cassandrabby View Post
    vouch for era , great work and finishes services quickly!
    Quote Originally Posted by Danny95 View Post
    Added on Discord

    a huge Vouce for me man, did a really good job thanks will do more soon
    Quote Originally Posted by Felype View Post
    Vouh* This guy is very kind, and he values ​​great service. Fast and at a great price! thank you !!! * Vouch
    Quote Originally Posted by Abrahams2 View Post
    A huge VOUCH for this dude! 1 amazing work week. I recommend. Very determined and focused.
    Quote Originally Posted by Simbiotic View Post
    Vouch, this man is an absolute legend. He shows up on time and works hard.

    5* Service!
    Quote Originally Posted by _Hanzo View Post
    vouch for my boi
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaedmo View Post
    Made some great interfaces for me a few days ago, actively responded, didn't hate me for all of the requested edits and overall great person to deal with!

    Thank-you, I'm sure we'll be in touch again soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by .css View Post
    Big vouch, transaction, implementation, overall trustworthy and quick!
    Will be going back for more interface work whenever I need it done great!

    Last edited by newerarsps; 11-27-2020 at 01:05 AM. Reason: added images
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    a huge Vouce for me man, did a really good job thanks will do more soon
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    a huge Vouce for me man, did a really good job thanks will do more soon
    Thanks! any 718's out there? Looking forward to work with you guys!
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    Vouh* This guy is very kind, and he values ​​great service. Fast and at a great price! thank you !!! * Vouch
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    UPDATE - Added Discord Rich Presence to my Services

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