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    Server is based on Necrotic, development took place over 2 months off and on. Has a very good start but we didn't get around to adding much content yet due to working on backend features and improvements to the base. Base is [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]. This is a good base for anyone looking to start a pre-eoc/osrs mixed server like Ikov. Contact me on discord for more information Michaеl#2843

    Noteable Features
    • 667 data (Mixture, not sure the exact data)
    • Full OSRS data support on top (item ids 40k+, animations/gfx/npc ids 30k+, maps regions are manually declared to be OSRS and sent from server to client, clipping is also supported automatically using this method) (does not support texturing, didn't get that far)
    • OSRS wiki drop dumper included
    • Large amount of fixes and improvements over the base Necrotic (full update log below)
    • Home switched to Edgeville

    List of unfinished content
    Spoiler for list:

    Achievements were partially or fully removed (not sure the exact state). Unfortunately it was not branched for some reason so it will have to be manually added back or rewritten (it's already partially rewritten afaik).

    Full Update Log
    Spoiler for log:

    Reworked the settings interface to allow as many future settings as we need.
    Fixed client framerate stuttering.
    Changed the magic interfaces back to the default 474+ interface.
    Fixed lunar interface hovering of the bottom spells.
    Bright setting now saves.
    Saved accounts will now display the username and a default helmet (if none is equipped).
    Prayer interfaces will now display icons correctly based on prayer level.
    Context menus will now draw between viewport/map/tabs/chat.
    Context menu will no longer draw underneath the experience counter.

    Fixed minimap rotation offseting minimap icons.
    Hitpoints/prayer/summoning will now increase in current level when gaining a level.
    Added sucess formula for woodcutting, mining, fishing.
    Added correct cooking animation.
    Hide roofs now works correctly.
    Low detail (untextured mode) will no longer hide other planes.
    Added default clan chat back.
    Changed all references to Necrotic to Kandarin.
    Bank interface will no longer refresh twice when you withdraw an item.
    Removed mouse detection code.
    Inventory refreshing is now queued so item switching more fluid.
    Fixed walking packet "out of range" error.
    Fixed bank interface dragging now working on some slots.
    Added bank insertion swap mode.
    Dragging items into bank tabs now draws the item at the correct position in fixed and resizeable.

    Added gradle.
    Split shop definitions into multiple files.
    Added automatic client jar building and obfuscation.
    Hooked up the cache downloader.
    Fixed mining animation
    Home improvements
    Fixed slayer teleport
    Added give rights commands
    Reformatted yell

    Created a simple launcher with a splash screen.
    Fixed tab hovers being offset.
    Added the new favicon to the client.
    Added the real 525 sideicons for the old gameframe.
    The tab interface in resizeable will no longer overlap the tabs in resizeable (old gameframe).
    Added default client settings on first startup.
    Perfected positioning of icons and text above player heads.
    Multiple grounds items will now appear (when the overlay is drawn) as one item with the amount parenthesized.
    Centered player on equipment interface.

    Finished the discord bot
    Added rich presence to client
    Added fish sprites over the fishing spots

    Ground items text will no longer render if the item is out of range.

    Added dynamic osrs region loading
    Object clicking packets will now use an integer for the id instead of a short
    Added YAML configuration

    Improved teleport interface and refactored code

    Added wiki osrs npc drop dumper
    General container improvements
    Fixed bug with equipment interface not opening on first login
    Added support for slayer monsters that have more than one id
    Added Item/Npc constant files

    Various improvements to allow for easier npc combat scripting
    Added entity Attributes for easy value storing without class spam

    Added shift+walk to teleport for developers
    Added support for adding npc drops without specifying a concrete item id
    Added various commands to help with creating npc drop tables
    Expanded and modernized the jewellry creation interface and added Zenyte jewellry crafting and enchanting
    Made some improvements to the osrs wiki drop dumper
    Added template id support for item definitions
    Various packets fixed to use an unsigned short instead of signed to allow up to 64k item id
    Fixed bonus interface not displaying some bonuses correctly
    Ranged max hit formula now uses ranged strength correctly
    Added Zenyte jewellry enchanting (uses the onyx enchant for simplicity)
    Moved /src/ to /src/main/java/ to allow for proper test packaging inside src

    Spoiler for media:

    Check Necrotic thread for more media of base game, I only included media for updated features

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    Vouch for mikey have seen some of his work in the past
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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