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    I am here to offer middleman services, have MM'd a few trades recently for a few of my mates and have had a few others get scammed from people in other communities and this one. It's a very simple process.. Also easy vouches

    You both work out what your doing
    Whoever is paying, sends me the money
    You complete the trade
    I give the rightful person their money

    I will only MM for services/RsGp trades/crypto trades. If it isn't for one of these, don't bother.

    This will take my time, so I'll charge 5% of the original price(I have paypal fee's the get negated from this so I don't really make that much)

    ToS(Terms of Service)
    You will follow my instruction without question, this is too make sure your trade goes smoothly, I don't plan on taking 30 minutes for a 1M RS3 Trade..
    I will receive 5% of the total value of the transaction.
    I can dip out on an MM at anytime and refund anyone if a payment has been sent to me
    The Maximum value trade I will do is $200, if urgent I will do more, but that is then at your risk, and if anything was too happen, I'm not covering anymore then $200
    You will not refund, if you do, enjoy a limited PayPal account
    You will leave a vouch on this thread after the trade is completed with any feedback you may have too.

    Feel free to contact me @ - Bare in mind I am from the UK, my timezone is GMT+0 so I will get back to you and arrange a time that suits us both.
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    Past vouches on this site:
    Spoiler for Vouches (10):

    Quote Originally Posted by Kumon View Post
    vouch for adam hes good guy!
    Quote Originally Posted by H1N1 View Post
    Vouched very fast and trust worthy
    Quote Originally Posted by Cooper1010110 View Post
    I vouch for this guy work very hard and got the job done good for the price Thanks Man
    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas pk View Post
    Just want to say a huge thank you to Adam, he contacted me when I needed help. I vouch for him massively, good lad, has a lot of potential. Very smart, I have used him for all of his service above and he hasnít let me down. Fast and efficient.
    Quote Originally Posted by Andreas pk View Post
    Awesome work, has been helping me out for couple days now and i find he is very very! helpful, and gets the job done. thanks bud for all your help and i shall work with you until you're fed up of me
    Quote Originally Posted by baldblackmom View Post
    Vouch helped me so much, helped me get the server up and helped me with a bunch of development aswell!
    Quote Originally Posted by my fc View Post
    I vouch for ZenithPS Has helped me figure some things out
    Quote Originally Posted by my fc View Post
    Vouched for i have worked with NULL He knows what he is doing!
    Quote Originally Posted by tastepg View Post
    This guy really knows what he is doing!
    fast fixes and cheap prices !!
    Will work with him alot i feel like.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tehnoobman View Post
    Vouch to adam, really nice dude offers some cheap prices for his reliable services, big thanks

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    best of luck with sales!
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