Hello everyone, i been away for almost 3-4 years from rsps i use to own deviouspk with Arsen (GRAHAM) in 2010. Graham wasn't really apart of it but he did give myself and terrance the source to run it and just give him a simple % at the end of every month. Deviouspk has had over 800+ players and we did make a ok amount of money from it. Less about myself i been doing very good IRL with my 4 IRL business and a few other high investments i have made. So i am interested to come back to RSPS and see what's up with all the fellow Rune-server projects.

Interested to invest into RSPS and NON-RSPS PROJECTS

Also i am located in NEW YORK, so if everything does go well i would like to meet you in person. I'd either fly out to you and meet you in person or fly you out to New York and cover all expenses for your trip and hotel so on..

Investment - Anywhere from $5,000 - $105,000

If you have any questions you can PM me or just reply to the thread and i will get back to you. Once we speak and tell me what you are trying to achieve and i think i can possibly help i will give you my discord and we can speak further.