Hi there,

I recently developed a nightmare zone script for OSRS I'm now looking to sell this script as i do not have a use for it was intending to level accounts and sell them however I can't find anyone to train the accounts and do necessary quests for the accounts to be NMZ ready - and the people i had found are too slow so I figured I can't be bothered going down this route anymore I'd rather just sell the script as my holidays come to an end soon and I will be back working full-time irl and don't have the time to find people to do the tasks I require.


1. Simple UI & Paint
2. Creates Dreams
3. Takes overloads/ranging & absorption potions from barrel (depending on whether you have toggled Super Ranging or not on the UI)
4. Restocks absorption, overloads, super ranging when low
5. Enters Dreams
6. And all required tasks inside the instance as well such as (guzzling rock cake, drinking absorps/ovls, prayer flicking rapid heal if greater than 22 prayer just set rapid heal on via quick prayers)
7. Moves to 1 of 2 corners within the instance it's random each instance on which corner it will choose.
8. The script will terminate and the account will log off if it has been idle for longer than 2 minutes as chances are it's broken at some point - this is too reduce the risk of a ban due to script failure if it were to occur.

Plenty of other miscellaneous features not listed here that are required for an NMZ script to function we can discuss further information if necessary privately.

I'd like to mention I am only looking to sell 1 copy of this script

I would be willing to give you source code as well as a .jar and we could negotiate updating the script if ever required.


Client: OSBot

Price: negotiable kind of looking for offers as I'm not sure what people are willing to pay for something like this.

If you would like to private message me or add my discord: 01053#4751 or post here whatever suits you best.

Spoiler for Proggies: