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    Welcome to my Rune-Server Service's thread!

    Contact me via Discord!

    Discord: Exscalibar#6379 (MAKE SURE TO CONFIRM ITS ME BEFORE WE DEAL!)

    Cheap Services that I offer:

    Advice - If I can help answer anything it's always free!

    Domain Setup + Management (EX: domain forwarding, configuring custom name servers)

    Website Setup + Management (EX: Forums such as MyBB/IPB, Wordpress, other types of websites)

    VPS Setup + Management (EX: Have your server ready to connect to players!)

    Basic Source + Client setup (EX: Most sources available to download here)

    Why me?

    I have been in the rsps scene quite some time now, and im looking to expand my knowledge doing new things, and doing small services for the community ill also do a few free services for the first few people to gain a few vouches!

    Payments accepted: 07 RSGP, BTC, Paypal (verified and trusted ONLY)


    1. Once we agree on service and price this will not change on my end or yours. Please verify that you are happy with the purchase before completing the payment.

    2. If I have agreed to accept payment 50/50: You will pay 50% of negotiated price upfront, then upon completion you will pay the remainder.

    If I have agreed to provide the service upfront: You must pay 100% of negotiated price upon completion.

    3. If you are not deemed trusted I will NOT deal with you.

    4. You will NOT charge back any transactions.
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    Definitely vouching for this guy transaction went nice and smooth
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