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    Hey guys. I've decided I should sell my last project Zworld in an attempt to fundraise some money for my latest project.

    Zworlds main objective was to create an experience where the community thrived off each other, and there was a rush of joy for owning any item! Including ur basic rune armor and scimitar upgrades when u first need them.

    All i can say for zworld is that, the goal has been met. The players who tested it during the test phases enjoyed it incredibly and to top it off, the players who were staying online to play stayed on for 8+ consecutive hours just to grind out the game!

    This goes to show the potential in the server.

    Some notes:
    I only had 3 preliminary test phases
    Each phase for testing consisted with a new expansion of updates to test out.
    Server is very stable
    Elvarg base
    All but pathfinding bug fixed (includes packet fixes)

    You can find the project thread here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Spoiler for images:

    In game live drop editor

    client cpu performance (check out quick load)

    LIST OF NPCS (more included later)

    I am not looking for any low ball offers or any double digit offers. I believe my work is valued for at least 400$. I am valuing it this high because I spent over 9 months working on this, and over 200+ hours. A lot has been done to manage the economy perfectly for anyone to host it and have a solid start. The game does need a lot more work still in terms of content progression ideas and more things to do. But in terms of bugs and performance. Its clean and powerful.

    I am open for negations ranging fro 150-400$. I do not want ZWorld to go to waste on my computer but if the offeres are not worth the trade then I may end up having to scrap it for the underworld to enjoy lool.

    Please note: all money earned from this will be invested towards [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Discord me @.Guruu#2979

    Please do not waste your time with comments that undermine the amount of time i put in. It will just be ignored.

    you can also find our youtube channel here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    glws nice project
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    It looks horrible tbh, glws.
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