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    Hey guys, I've decided to move on from the Vencillio base and working on something new. I can safely say Valius is one of the MOST UPDATED Vencillio based sources out there, i doubt you'll find much better than this and that is why i'll only be selling a LIMITED number of copies. I had quite a lot of fun but every journey comes to an end. You'll save a lot of money + time with this purchase vs the released version if you choose to use Valius. It would take very little effort to get your money + profit back out of this. I'm also willing to assist you with any bugs you may have while using this server + setting it up in local host/online. I've also included some instructions on how to get things running in case you'd like to do it yourself .
    All funds from this will be used for my new project.

    Spoiler for Updates Log :


    -Repacked the firecape texture to fix the white firecape issue

    -Chances for random drops have been changed to better suit the economy
    -The chances of receiving the Wrangler outfit has been increased to make it more common in fishing caskets
    -The first Mini Quest is in progress

    -Fixed the spamming double experience event
    -Added a double drop rate event for a total of 4 random events
    -repriced some items i the bloodmoney shop

    -Varrock armor will now randomly upgrade from 1-4 while smithing on an anvil giving the player a maximum of a 15% exp bonus,
    Players must be wearing the armor for it to upgrade.
    -Players can now upgrade their ardougne cape randomly while thieving from the stalls at home. Players must be wearing the cape.
    -Dragon Implings no longer drop huge amounts of dragon darts, arrows and dart tips. rates are set between 10-50

    -created and packed a custom edgeville map for the home area
    -Clipped the house north of the edgeville bank (walk through some walls that have clipped tiles near them. clip the outer walls?

    -Several text characters that did not work are now added ' / { } | ~ '

    -Several items have been removed from the boss points shop
    -The boss points shop prices have been raised
    -The prices of some items in the skill points shop have been raised
    -The prices of some items in the PvM points shop have been raised

    -A global message will now be displayed when players log in for the first time

    -A barrier has been added for a door to the room west of edgeville bank
    -Finished clipping the home area

    -Fixed up some objects on the map using the map editor
    -Moved NPC's to the new home area
    -Added a custom item, the Bandos Spear
    -A description has been added explaining what is needed to open the Event Chest when you examine it
    -more random drops have been added to the boss event

    -Drop chances for some items have been changed
    -The tutorial teleports and some dialogue has been fixed up to suit the new home area.
    -Objects have been moved to the new home area
    -the prospector outfit is no longer randomly found while mining. it will be moved to the golden nugget shop at the motherlode mine
    -Finished adding upgrading to the starter kit items while skilling with the correct skill

    -Packed a custom bow model to be added in-game
    -Fixed 5+ memory leaks in the client
    -removed 200+ unused imports and methods
    -Issues with RSfont (Text colors via chatbox, PM, clanchat etc) have been resolved.

    -new cache updater has been written
    -beta has been turned ON
    -added a Discord command

    -The crystal chest has had a lot of the reward removed
    -The chances of receiving a casket while thieving has been raised from 100 to 150
    -Demonic gorillas have been fixed (client update) and should now be attackable
    -Demonic gorillas now hit 75% through magic prayers

    -temporarily disabled the double exp event. (ownercommands,,eventmanager,doubleexpev ent)
    -a bug that caused woodcutting the reset skillpoints has been fixed
    -the rates for random rewards received while Thieving have been doubled
    -the rates for random rewards received while Fishing have been doubled
    -the rates for random rewards received while Fletching have been doubled
    -the rates for random rewards received while Cooking have been doubled
    -the rates for random rewards received while Mining have been doubled
    -the rates for random rewards received while Smithing have been doubled
    -the rates for random rewards received while Woodcutting have been doubled
    -The rates for pets received while hunting has been raised slightly
    -The Mory legs will now upgrade while training herblore
    -players will now recieve skill points while training herblore
    -The fremmy boots will now upgrade while fishing
    -prices for the chaos rune pack has been increased
    -Demonic gorillas now have their proper drop tables
    -Demonic gorillas hit 50% through melee prayers
    -Demonic gorillas defence, strength, attack and mage attack has been increased
    -The price of uncut gems has been raised. players will still be able to profit from crafting
    -Cerberus drop rates have been decreased
    -Bolts prayer bonus has been fixed and a range bonus has been added to them
    -Bandos Defence and Range defence has been increased
    -Kalphite queens second phase range defence has been increased

    -Drop rates for the crystal monsters has been lowered to make items more rewarding.
    -Bloodmoney gained while thieving has been lowered from a maximum of 50 to a maximum of 30.
    -Crystal keys now cost 2 trivia points, the double eyepatch is now 200 trivia points.
    -Players can now use shift drop to drop items faster

    -Added a custom Founder pet for Slayer
    -fixed some trivia answers
    -The donation script has been added. players can now type ::claim to receive donations and :onate to view the donation page
    -Players are now able to vote. type ::claimvote to claim your votes and ::vote to view the vote page.
    -Added the discord command when players first log in and also within the welcome online message before the donation command
    -Player accounts will now save to the new highscores, available at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -Changed all instances of to
    -removed demonic gorilla drops and cerberus drops from the boss points shop
    -Enraged graador will now hit 90% through range prayers
    -Krill will now hit 75% through melee and 90% through range prayers
    -Zulrah will now hit 50% through all prayers instead of 40%
    -the barbarians at the elite donator zone will no longer automatically attack you
    -all donators can now use ::yelltitle to set their own yell title
    -::bank can no longer be used in the wilderness, godwars or at the corp beast

    -Fixed an issue with the links in :iscord and ::vote
    -Players can now teleport inside of the Yaks area
    -Fixed random events? (Boss event, double drop rate & double gold)

    -drop chances for onyx amulets has been fixed for crystal monsters
    -The highscores have been fixed and will now work. Administrators + will not be on the highscores
    -added a third experience rate, Classic mode which has 5% xp rates, 15% drop rate
    -extreme drop rates have been lowered to 10%
    -The forums have been installed (work still needs to be done)
    -some items in the donator shop have had their prices raised

    -Dumped 171 data (Will be packed tomorrow morning!)
    -Players can now sign up on the forums
    -Items randomly received while Firemaking will now be less common
    -Items randomly received while Fletching will now be less common
    -Items randomly recieved while training Herblore will now be less common
    -Pyromancer will now be easier to get in firemaking caskets
    -Gold rewards from firemaking caskets have been reduced
    -Hunting pets will be found less now
    -Players will receive less dragon arrows and dragon darts while hunting
    -The teleport to Yaks has been fixed
    -Classic players will now save to the highscores

    -Fixed the issue with black masks where players heads dissapeared
    -Fixed a gate to the west of varrock to get to the digsite
    -The forums themehas been changed so it would match the Valius theme better
    -The lizard shaman has been moved to its correct location
    -Ancestrial has been removed from the bloodmoney shop (obtainable from the event bosses!)
    -Fixed the name of a couple of pets
    -3 new pets, Pet Zanik, Pet Ham Zanik & Pet Penguin have been added as possible rewards from the crystal chest

    -171 data has been packed, players will need to download the new cache (automatically downloaded when running the client)
    -The background and loading bar has been set when loading up the client
    -A suggestions section and donation information section have been added to the forums
    -added a few more vote pages
    -Repacked the firecape model to fixed white firecapes (caused by 171 data)
    -Donator info on the forums has been finished
    -the rules have been written and added to the forums(please read them!) [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -Post count ranks have been added to the forums [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -Definitions have been added for the avernic hilt, defender & the Sanguinesti staff [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -Packed models for torva, pernix and virtus + added definitions & ints for them [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -Pernix coif has been repacked with a fixed model
    -definitions have been added for the justiciar armor + the ghrazi rapier [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -Bonuses have been added to the Ghrazi rapier [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    -The hidden range bonus on blowpipe has been reduced from +40 to +20
    -Fixed an issue with weapon sounds causing items above ID 20,000 to crash the client
    -the regular rapier str bonus was lowered from 101 to 70 to make room for the Ghrazi rapier + Chaotic rapier(Coming soon)
    -Bonuses have been added to Torva, Pernix & Virtus
    -Bonuses have been added to the Justiciar armor
    -Wearing the full set of Justiciar armor will give players a 25% damage reduction bonus
    -Added a check for players less than 50 health and using an overload. players can no longer overload to death
    -The Bloodmoney shop prices have been adjusted properly
    -Bonuses have been added to the Avernic defender, Sanguinesti staff & Scythe of vitur
    -setting have been fixed to enable some upon logging in for the first time (ex. moving textures, new hp bars, ground textures, etc)
    -Fixed some dialogue on the cache downloading screen
    -the event manager has been fixed, it should not stop working for no reason.

    -Drop rates for pvp armor, zenyte jewelry & pet geletins (rfd boss pet) have been raised
    -More websites have been added to the voting list and the ::reward command has been fixed!
    -Fming caskets and clue boxes will show up less while firemaking
    -The vote booth has been added back to the home area
    -Redwood has been fixed
    -The ::vote command now works properly. you cna also visit the website or click the vote booth to vote
    -Repacked the animation for 2h weapons
    -The maxcape racks at home have been moved to their proper place + a few clipping issues have been fixed
    -the agility ticket npc has been fixed.

    -The training bow now supports training arrows
    -Ranged weapon and strength definitions can now be updated without a server restart
    -Beta tester mode has been turned OFF
    -Extreme and Classic experience rates can now be selected as an ironman + ultimate ironman player
    -Highscores for Extreme and Classic Ironman & ultimate ironman have been added (9 Pages total to compete in!)
    -Server sided highscores for each mode has been added
    -Wrote a itemDefinition dumper in xml format. Items will now be a lot easier to add!
    -The textures on trees has been fixed. trees no longer show up white
    -Skilling outfits have been removed from random skilling drops and added to the skillpoint shop 2 (accessable by talking
    to the skill point shop keeper at home or the shopping tab)
    -gold rewards from the thieving casket have been reduced
    -The recolored items saleman has been removed (Recolored hats will be back in-game soon!)
    -Fixed the texture for infernal firecape, lava dragon bones, lava dragon scales
    -Cerberus now needs 90 Slayer and the Kraken needs 85 slayer to fight

    -Players cannot teleport out of 20+ wilderness anymore
    -Players cannot use shops inside the wilderness anymore
    -The damage required to get points in pest control has been reduced from 80 to 50
    -The weighted chances have been adjusted. Rare items from the Boss event & Caskets/boxes will be less common now
    -Oziach, The npc that creates dragonfire shields has come home! you can find him in the south building
    -The price of creating a Dragonfire shield has been raised from 2M to 15M for two reasons: Skillers can now profit by selling their services for less than
    Oziach and a Money Sink for the economy
    -Portals at pest control have been fixed. No need to "Clear the furnace" anymore
    -The rocks & rope to godwars saradomin has been added back in
    -The barrows chest has been added back in again in the tunnel
    -The amount of skill points you have will now display when opening the skillpoint shop via the shopping interface
    -The amount of PVM & Boss points will now be displayed when opening the shops via the shopping interface
    -The amount of Prestige points you have will now be displayed when opening the shops via the shopping interface
    -Several new trivia questions have been added

    -Fixed the cachedownloader
    -players can now chop redwood again
    -The gambler has been added back in-game. Minimum bid: 100k, Maximum bid: 10M
    The gambler also has a few other options (such as the lottery) which will be set up soon!
    -Hardcore Ironman mode has been added in-game. Players will have 3 chances (one for each exp mode) to be the first maxed HCIM!
    The first players that successfully achieve this across normal, extreme & classic modes will receive a title "Undefeatable"
    in a color of their choice AND an exclusive Item that will only be obtainable through this event! Goodluck everyone
    -There is currently a bug with the starter interface when adding HCIM. there will be a command (::HCIM) that newly created ironman players
    will be able to use to make themselves HCIM until i get the interface fixed up tomorrow.
    -The Dice bag price has been changed from 1M to 100k in the Bloodmoney shop & from 150 to 75 vote points. Get your gamble on!
    -Hardcore ironman armor definitions have been added
    -Hardcore ironman armor has been given a slight buff to it's bonuses
    -the sprite for ultimate ironman has been packed and fixed. HCIM now has the red ironman sprite

    -redid dialogue in the ::hcim command
    -Double experience weekend has been turned ON
    -Youtubers can no longer trade
    -Hardcore Ironman, Extreme Hardcore Ironman & Classic Hardcore Ironman highscores have been added!
    -The cache download link has been changed to dropbox, hopfully this will fix the issues with several people not being able
    to download the cache properly.
    -Players can now pass through the gate in lvl 48 wilderness
    -There is no longer a safe spot north of crystal dragons. the wilderness bounds have been raised +1 y coordinate
    -fixed the hardcore ironman death display message

    -Hcim can no longer redo the command after using it once.
    -Hcim icons will now be displayed for public messages (ex. receiving a pet)
    -Fixed Hcm @[email protected] in PM messages
    -Textures at the kraken have been fixed as well as the infernal cape, torva platelegs, fire maxcape, & 2 iron arrows
    -Fixed some of the trivia answers
    -Finished a large portion of the mini raid. Only monsters need to be created/added to it!
    -Metal dragons will now drop noted Bars
    -Definitions have been added to the infernal cape (Bonuses, slot id, etc)
    -The infernal cape has been added to the vote shop for 450 points & the donator shop for 2500 Valius bucks for now.
    -Double exp has been turned OFF until next weekend
    -HCIM players that die will now no longer be able to get hcim back (added a true/false for HardcoreDeath)
    -Recolored phats, santas and hweens have been added to the ckey chest
    -made a donator mbox which will be used to refund past donators (needs some tweaks)
    -Added the option to open for Donator boxes + Boxes of Bones
    -Fixed an issue where the Donator boxes were giving ores
    -added all the items from the donator shop to the donator box (common = $1-5, uncommon = $5-12, Rare = $12-20, Very_rare = $20-30, Legendary = $30+)
    -Finished off the lobby, dungeon & most monsters for the Mini Raid. Small tweaks still needed before beta
    todo for mini raid:
    Better items given depending on your dmg dealt(nearly done)
    Finish combat definitions for monsters(nearly done)
    Fix some issues with the Lobby
    -Prices for phats,santas,hweens,furys & raid 1 items has been raised
    -Miniraid monsters have been added in-game
    -a global announcement has been added when player vote
    -Monsters in the superior slayer dungeon no longer hit through prayer
    -The samurai outfit now has defence slightly less than barrows but with a prayer/str bonus
    -The mini raid (trial of flames) has been finished, all known bugs have but fixed up! it is now ready for public beta testing!

    -HCIM will no longer lose their status as hardcore ironman when dying in the mini raid
    -Players can now use the "Exit" door in the beginning while inside the mini raid
    -The issue with farming patches not showing weeds has been finally fixed, lets get maxed!
    -a nav bar to other pages has been added to the forums
    -Cooking gauntlets have been added to the skill point shop
    -All donators will now have access to the donator zones
    -Players will now receive their money spent when buying non-Valius bucks items from the shop
    -When donating, a public message will now be displayed thanking you for donating
    -samuari boots stats have been raised to be above dragon boots but below primordial (+2 prayer bonus as well)
    -The price of the dragon pickaxe has been raised to 15,000,000 coins
    -the wilderness gates south of crystal dragons has been fixed
    -created a new custom sword the Justicair longsword. a shield will also be made for this set and added to the custom raids drop table!
    -Players can now enter the saradomin godwars dungeon
    -Z'ril Tsutoth (Zamorak gwds) will now hit 50% less through protection prayers
    -Ecumenical keys (Used to enter a gwds dungeon without getting the 5 Kill count required) can now be obtained for 25 Boss points each in the boss points shop
    -Uber Donators & Elite Donators can enter the godwars dungeons without getting Kill count

    -Added a kill counter for the custom raid (Trial of Flames)
    -The Trial of Flames portal has been renamed
    -fixed the wielding positions of torva plate and helm (helm was too high above your body and the plate made any helm look squished)
    -Zuriels and Morrigans armor + weapons have been packed into the cache
    -Itemdefinitions (Prices, tradeable,etc) have been added for Zuriels and Morrigans
    -Zuriels and Morrigans will require 70 range/mage + 70 defence to wear
    -Bonuses(stats) have been added to the Morrigans and Zuriels equipment
    -Morrigan javelins and Axes can now be thrown
    -Combat definitions have been added for Revenant Imps, Dragons, Knights & Hellhounds. The rest
    will be finished tomorrow!
    -Drops have been added to Revs
    -Revenants now give pvm points
    -Revenants have been added to the Wilderness (lvl 46) temporarily until the Rev caves are fixed up (which will be very soon!)

    -Created a Custom Justiciar shield to go with the custom Justiciar sword. These will be recieved at the Custom Raid (Trial of Flames)
    User the yellow portal south of home to do the raid!
    -Players can now teleport to the Corp Beast lair

    -A player backup has been created. players accounts will now automatically save every 30 minutes
    -Wrote an Item & Npc list dumper to make it easier to check out the newer data
    -Players can now obtain the Justiciar shield from the custom raids!
    -Zulrah will now hit 50% less through prayer
    -The Zayte bow has been fixed

    -The Zaryte bow ow hits a max of 50 & is a lot more accurate
    -The Zaryte bow no longer requires arrows
    -The Justiciar sword dmg has been raised to a max of 54 and is more accurate
    -Supplies in the herblore supply shop have been noted + potatos have been replaced with potato cactus
    -Found several animations for Vorkath, Revs, and some theatre of blood monsters
    -The targeting system that would give player locations in the wilderness has been disabled

    -Players will now receive their donator status when donating for mboxes, ckeys or donator mboxes
    -Prices of the charos, charos and dragon axe have been raised
    -The length of a Pest control game has been doubled
    -The Pest control waiting room time has been set to 1 minute instead of 2 minutes.
    -agro distance for npcs in the custom raid has been raised
    -Zaryte bows accuracy has been reduced
    -Created a custom pet for the custom raid's boss, Vespula
    -The Pet Vespula has been added the the custom raid drop table
    -The drop rates for the Justiciar Sword have been increased (More chances to receive this item!)

    -The Zaryte bow will now longer work with bolts
    -The Zaryte bow accuracy has been slightly decreased
    -ruby bolts have been fixed for bosses with more than 1000hp
    -Fixed the inventory models for the Justiciar sword and Shield
    -The justiciar sword now hits less damage (was 70+, now it is around 50)

    Whats different about this & the released version?/What you'll be paying for
    • 170 data has been packed (Theatre of blood)
    • Character files have been fixed
    • 30+ Memory leaks have been patched
    • Tons of bugs have been fixed
    • A PvP Tournament (Ran through admin commands)
    • Hourly rewards
    • original Custom items such as the Justiciar's Sword & Justiciars Shield (Dropped by the custom raids 1)
    • 2 Custom Raids have been added (the first drops Nex sets + Zaryte bow | the second drops Chaotic weapons)
    • Revenants with PvP armor drops
    • Working Infernal cape textures
    • Custom edgeville home area
    • Working Twisted Bow
    • Several new bosses (one magic only boss that drops staff of light)
    • A new Experience rate (Classic)
    • HCIM Mode (All ironman modes are obtainable. + banking issue fixing for UIM)
    • We've reworked the whole economy on Valius so that players Feel a sense of accomplishment when receiving loots
    • Automatic Events (Boss events, Double exp, Double drop rates, Double coin/BM drops) now working 100%
    • Hourly Reward system (potential Loyalty system)
    • Mini Barrows Pets & 10+ other new pets including pets for the Custom Raids
    • ReWritten CacheDownloader (A lot easier to use now)

      + a lot more i can't think of at the moment

    Spoiler for pictures:

    Custom Edgeville home

    Custom items


    Theatre of blood items

    Nex sets

    PvP sets

    Staff of light

    Tekton & Vespula custom raids 1 pet + Working infernal cape

    Mini Barrows Pets

    unique starter kit


    Hardcore ironman

    Crystal Monsters

    Easy to access shops

    Magic only Boss (drops staff of light)

    Dmg boost while wearing slayer helmets + other items

    Starting Achievements

    Bloodmoney Shop

    Advertisement Thread (With more pictures and info): [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Price: $50 / 75M OSRS / 380M RS3 [CHRISTMAS DEAL: 20% OFF UNTIL DECEMBER 31st ($40)/60M OSRS/330M RS3]
    Contents: Valius Source/Client/Cache + Free setup contact info/Local host setup guide
    INSTANT DELIVERY LINK: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Discord: Divine#8618

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Spoiler for vouches(20+):

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    PM me for more vouches!

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    vouch! GLWS
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    that was quick, gl with sales
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    im gonna buy this
    Quote Originally Posted by Verago View Post
    You have been reported for harassment on a post attempting to give jobs to people in this community.
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    Dose this farming patch fix then
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    good luck on sales, looks nice
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    Thanks everyone

    Quote Originally Posted by Timelord View Post
    Dose this farming patch fix then
    The issue when we packed 171 data and farming patches broke has been fixed. as for the updating grass, sadly it doesnt update. but farming does work

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    PM me for more vouches!

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    Can u send me a private message need to talk to you
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    that was quick - thought you just started hosting this not too long ago.

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    How much have you made from this server? Is it profitable? IF so, how much can you make from it per month?
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