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    We have decided to move on from this base as non of us have time, Thus decided to sell it.
    The Ragefire Team has done ALOT Of work on this base. Most of its content will be showed off here, we will be showing off everything that was done from the start of ragefire. Alot of content was started off but never finished, and 90% of it just needs it final touching up on, that will be listed towards the end of the thread.

    Our goal was to make a well balanced Server that would follow OSRS Updates to an extent, in the sense that we would not focus all of our time replicating Runescape Features, and try to be unique and add idea's/Content of our own, hence why we introduced 20 New Custom Items/Sets.
    There's over 150+ Custom Items included but haven't been introduced.
    There's also over 50+ Unique Custom Bosses added with combat scripts and insane animations, once again un-released.

    Note: We are aware of the one that was released on that "website", but i can assure you that one was out of date by a milestone, ALOT Of work has been done after that, and almost 5% of the updates we've done is on the released one.

    If you are interested in buying the domain & full forum files
    My forums are: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Contact me on Discord: Adam_#6723
    Spoiler for Media:

    link: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    Spoiler for Updates With No Media/Bug Fixes:

    Added Custom home
    Added inferno boss wave
    Added train, mbox, and smbox commands
    Added item, master, hp, maxstr - for beta testing
    Fixed item hover options bug
    Fixed many npc drops
    Redone npc drop system and drop interface
    Added a new player owned shops interface
    Added a new Navbar
    New background implemented
    House teletabs teles now teleport you to edgeville
    Vanguard boots, legs and gloves are now equipable
    Sled is now equipable
    The Gypsy @ home now says Ragefire
    Thieving and cooking teleports now take you to the correct location
    Added POS manager and 100m note trader at home
    All donator scrolls work now
    The resource area is now accessible
    100m notes are now stackable in inventory
    Removed nulls from Drops
    Questtab now says Ragefire
    Fixed cash drops
    Added shift-click drop
    East green dragons is now wilderness
    Dying in FFA now makes you respawn at home
    Home teleport now takes you to the new home
    Dice option on players is now fixed
    - Fixed Sled and made it ride-able.

    - Penguins drop mbox at 1/100, Penguins drop ckeys at 1/20

    - Icelords drop super mbox at 1/100, Icelords drop ckeys at 1/20

    - Fixed Kraken and giant Mole’s drop table.

    - Fixed super strength and attack potions.

    - Re-wrote overloads and fixed their effects, so they now work. However they cannot be used in wilderness.

    - Fixed the teleporting out of High wilderness levels.

    - Fixed Teleporting out of restricted area's using the KBD And Cerberus And Kraken Instance.

    - Blocked teleport interface and spell book interface opening, at restricted area's that prohibit teleportation.

    - Fixed Blow-pipe Animation.

    - Made east dragons inside the wilderness.

    - Wilderness signs and warning will now display.

    - Quest tab will now show right locations of wildywyrm.

    - Fixed the pkp rewards, you will now recieve PKP For killing a player.

    - Safespottable bosses have no been altered and should not be able to safespot.

    - Construction now teleports you to your house.

    - Fixed typo's on server messages, and anything that should be re-worded.

    - Fixed multiple Achievements, a few didn't reward players upon completion, now they do.

    - Trivia answers have been fixed, and changed accordingly.

    - 3rd age longsword will no longer stack.
    Upon examining one of the treasure island bosses, you get the correct message

    The new home teleport from spellbook will teleport you out of wilderness

    3rd age longsword is now equipable

    Flameburst Defender equips in shield spot now

    If you login and there is a wyrm spawned it won't show a random location

    WildyWyrm is now on the drop table

    Redirected mining/smithing teleports to the correct location at home

    Bandit camp is now wilderness

    You can now mine ores and cut trees in the resource area

    3rd age longsword works when banked

    "follow" option now works at home

    Third age cloak now goes to weapon slot

    Option “lock weapon” in dueling now works

    Now says the correct server name on the bottom of the quest tab

    Trivia question names got fixed

    Trees at home can now be chopped

    Fixed npc restoration
    - Fixed Purchasing vine whips from the store.

    - Fixed the walls at rouge castle, they are now coded into the server.

    - Re wrote combat formula, for whips. They are not crazily OP Anymore.

    - Infernal cape now goes into the right slot.

    - Mining has been re-written, you can now mine the new rocks.

    - Implings at puro puro have been fixed.

    - Fixed Blow pipe animations.

    - Fixed FFA Smuggles and Bank Smuggles.

    - Fixed herblore teleportation.

    - Fixed arena boss.

    - Gypsy @Home Says destroy "Runescape" it has to get changed to Ragefire

    - Donator Scrolls description needs to be fixed, it tell you the wrong amount

    - Slayer tower, if you click on the door it will give you the error code "Error Code: 4487 Please Report to a staff member"

    - Slayer Master is in (Dungeon Teleport) --> (Ancient Cavern) and not home, and tells me "Kuradal is not my current slayer master"

    - If you rotate your screen all NPC Icons (Yellow Circles) move around the map

    - Varrock home needs to be removed, (Npc's and objects)

    - Fight Caves (Viewing orb does not work)

    - Can't add people to ignore list

    - Can't Change Clan Name

    - you can run directly through the bank booth at donator zone

    - @Dzone Npcs can walk through spear walls south west

    - ::commands tells player to use :;donate and :;skull but neither work it is actually :onate and ::skull

    - Dungeon Entrance at Player Homes are not working yet

    - Trivia Point shop says "Black Gold-Trimmed armour set SK" (SK) means skirt but set comes with platelegs

    - Mime Mask is completely messed up

    - Trivia popped up with "Guess a number 1-10?" my first guess was wrong and i was given the "Sorry! Wrong answer!" message like normal but then my next guess was correct and i received "Already Answered" as a message instead of the normal layout example

    - Falador - Bank Deposit box doesn't work

    - Climb over crumbling wall doesn't work

    - Unable to attack npcs in different position

    - trivia points glitching i answered right didn't get my points

    - thieving is glitching out

    - If jumping to the otherside in fremmenink dungeon you glitch out

    - Yaks don't have their correct drops

    - thieving stall is afkable in :zone

    - yew maple give same xp

    - evil tree and the falling star both staying for a long time i got 80 to 99 mining and woodcutting from it

    - Revs dropping twice no luck because i got twice statius on 1 drop and 5 kills later vesta twice in 1 drop

    - @ skotizo you can walk out of the map

    - Skotizo can't be hitted he can hit you but not you him

    - slash bash & Giant Mole can walk thru the walls

    - NEX can be safespotted

    - NEX i can walk thru the black side in right left bottom left bottom right side

    - fishing cape makes you invisible

    - farming cape doesn't show the plants he was farming

    - fletching cape makes you invisible

    - smithing cape does not show what he is making and makes you also little bit invisible

    - same to the skill cape (t) same bugs

    - vanguard boots and gloves can not wear it

    - 3rd cloak cape can not wear

    - 3rd sword can not wear

    - sled can not wear

    - you can glitch sometimes thru the bank.

    Updated the

    - dragon warhammer takes 30% not 50%

    - blowpipe magma not working it works like melee not ranged.

    - Magma Blowpipe is now fully functional, and has +10 bonus than blowpipe

    - Double Drops ( i just got double drop pet it's not the first time im getting this double drop for 1 kill it's not luck )

    Disabled double drops.

    - EXP rates are way to fast, people are able to max within 1 day, the exp needs to drop

    - You cannot wear, Sled, Fox, Cannon, dragon kiteshield

    - shard guy eats your shards, can only buy 5m shards at a time

    - can't sell all your shards it don't pay u for what u sell

    Reply: Click Exchange shards, than buy shards, and you can buy a larger number of shards in one go.

    Created a method to allow players to use their pouch to buy shards, that way they don’t need to keep placing money in their inventory.

    Fixed Necrolord, and avatar of magic, it will do damage.

    And added multiple different spells to necrolord.

    Added Mining NPC, in its right location, and now gives Mining supplies.

    Added Herblore Shop, now gives correct herblore supplies
    - Added multiple Different stores that were missing, Such as Skilling, farming.

    - Fixed the bugs with items and slots.

    - Fixed the donator store it is now fully functional and should work accordingly.

    - Updated Donator Store.

    - Fixed the teleports.

    - Fixed venetatis Teleports.

    - Relocated lexicurs.

    - Nerfed Mutant Tarn's droprate Percentage.

    & Legit alot more countless bugs i lost memory of, it was 9 AM And i didn't take note of them.
    Fixed jad he will now spawn, therefore allowing people to participate in fight cave.

    Made ragefire/steads/glaviens tradeable.

    Disabled ::Lexicus due to further notice.

    Balanced Purgatory, Drygore.

    Fixed the names on several items on the stores including dragonbone SS.

    Added Skeletal horror’s drop table

    Buffed Dragonbone Spirit Shield.

    Made Armadyl Boss (Kree’Arra) Alot easier.

    Increased Wildywyrm’s defence/attack/hp/strength.

    Increase General Khazards Defence/Attack/hp/strength, and increased his attack speed.

    Fixed the nulled accounts issue at monkey guards

    This is the start of balancing items.

    R-S Mod Response  Unfinished Content/Updates.

    - Dragon Slayer 2. The quest needs writting up/Boss script needs fixing.
    - Last Man Standing Basically completed, just needs to add a store and fix a few minor bugs with it. Should take no more than 30 Minutes to do
    - Prestige System, just need to create a method to handle prestiging all in one go, instead of the way swiffy set it up (where it prestiges each skill)
    - 4 Newly Made Donator Zones, commands to find then can be found in
    - Achievement Interface/Boss Teleport Interface Both are completed server sided and client sided, just need to fix the achievement reward handler
    - Castle Wars, quite alot needs to be done with this, but the game itself, the main schematics, such as the two teams, the flags, point system is all done.
    - Conquest is done, just needs to be added.
    - Referral System is started, just need to make it so it can't be abused by making it so it checks both the account UUID's.
    - Avatar Of Destruction, is Literally Completed Just needs to set a value of time to spawn, made it so that its a 12 Hour boss, + few bug fixes with it.
    - Fix PKBots, still broken af. Not sure on how to go about it, so don't ask me about it.
    & ALOT More il edit the list as i start going back on a trip to memory lane, to find cool stuff to mention we've done.

    If you would like to purchase this base

    Contact me via skype or discord
    Skype: live:nrpker7839
    Discord: Adam_#6723

    If you have any questions about purchasing and the server itself, my skype is: live:nrpker7839
    and my discord is: Adam_#6723
    Main reason for me selling it, is due to the fact i've decided to work on my App.

    Credits Go Out to:
    Simplicity Team/Original Ruse Team.
    Adam Ohos, tremendous help towards the start.
    Keith & Grant for the interfaces.
    Props to Anonjack For website development support/security
    & Lastly, the entire Ragefire Staff Team. You know who you plebs are.

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    Enjoy everyone
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    good luck mate for selling
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    Quote Originally Posted by _joe View Post
    good luck mate for selling
    Thanks joe!
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    Goodluck my mate Adam (Rock).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unzy View Post
    Goodluck my mate Adam (Rock).

    Thanks buddy
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    added pmed
    alexs#9164 is my only discord

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    Glws, and good luck on your app
    Discord: Jayson#8587

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    servers looks good but owners of ragefire were totally retarded, anonjack was stealing other rsps databases and tried to steal players this way (Etc hello server name , we decided to make new server and are not continuing with this server name blabla". Other than that advertising on other servers and shit. Anyway good luck.

    also im sure the reason you're selling is due being ddosed and shit all the time, should have think about it before stealing other people databases and shit?
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