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    Hello, my name's Dustin and I'm currently selling RSPS Community files. They are very advanced files, I own them and I also paid another developer help me code them. They are very advanced, including integrated into Mybb.

    My files include the following;
    - Toplist
    - Working Play page
    - Voting (Allows you to vote for one server every 12 hours)
    - Working info page
    - Forums system points everything's purchased from
    - Upgrades page
    - Banner system
    - Cpanel (Create, edit)
    - Also comes with Cron Jobs checking if the server's online every minute

    Below I'll explain thoroughly what each is and does, including multiple screenshots.

    Edit, Add server;


    ( The below are extras you buy with forum points, You get so many forum points every post, poll etc.) - The below colors can be changed -

    When you purchase bronze on the toplist;



    ----- INFO PAGE -------

    As you can see, there's also a voting and play button. This also show's the owners name from the person who made the server.

    ----- Upgrades -------

    This allows you to purchase extras for not just your server but someone else's. You can also buy a banner and it will be up for the time it says and it will place it in the footer were the "Your server banner" image is.

    ---- POINTS -----

    ----- Voting ------
    Voting is ran by reCAPTCHA just like rune-server, this allows less spam and bots.

    Successfully voted;

    Voted in the last 12 hours;

    ---- WEBCLIENT -----
    100% working, you can also add LOADERS.

    If you'd like a live view the link is; [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] If you're interesting in buying please PM me on rune-server.
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    Cancer to the eyes.
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    Wrong section.

    & depresses me a little.
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    Other than the wrong section, the fact that you mention "very advanced" and that you said another developer helped you, but you don't mention their name makes me think that they did most if not all of the work, but I could be wrong. Just going off the design, only the main layout looks half decent, would be better if that text over the banner image had a transparent background but hey, what can you do... The rest of the design looks crude and unfinished.
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