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    Welcome to Beaver's Server and Client services Thread!

    PLEASE NOT: I will do the work on my desktop so you will need to Zip the source and client so i can work for you i will show u it works 100% over team viewer then u give my the $ or Rsgp and ill zip it up and send it back to you easy process

    Please note some prices might be out, please tell me if they are thanks I will not go First!

    Server feature's for sale

    Full Player Clipping - Price $25 Paypal or 25m Rsgp

    Quick Prayers - Price $15 Paypal or 15m Rsgp

    New Classes Depending on what it is - Price $20 Paypal or 20m Rsgp

    For me to code for you on your server will be - Price $30 Paypal or 25m Rsgp

    Client feature's for sale

    Fullscreen|resizeable|fixed - Price $20 Paypal or 20m Rsgp

    Any Interface - Price $5 Paypal Or 5m Rsgp

    Packing any models, 317 - 600+ - Price $7 Paypal or 7m Rsgp

    602 anims + gfx - Price $10 Paypal 10m Rsgp

    317 - 600+ Npc's - Price $10 Paypal or 10m rsgp

    Animations + Gfx + Models + Npc Bundle 317 - Price $30 Paypal or 30m Rsgp

    Webclient - Price $2 Paypal or 2m Rsgp

    508 maps - Price $12 Paypal or 12m Rsgp

    Spoiler for vouches:


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    Why you charging so much for 508 maps? there's a tutorial to do it.
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