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    Near-Reality is looking to hire two more content developers capable of being independent and working in a team-based environment.

    Pay: $35/hr

    The pay is weekly/bi-weekly/monthly, through a multitude of methods such as Stripe, Paypal, Bank Transfer, BTC, or open to anything else. We have flexible working hours (minimum 20 hours) and just require you to try and attend daily meetings.

    We are looking for individuals with the following:
    • Strong level of communication
    • Good working ethics (attends meetings, contributes towards the team and excels)
    • Ability to write scalable OO code
    • Knowledge of OSRS mechanics
    • Strong Java knowledge
    • Good reputation within rune-server, no market bans

    • Experience in Java or Kotlin.
    • Experience with tooling such as Docker, Jenkins and Terraform.
    • Have experience with micro-services and web services.
    • Experience with CI/CD software such as Jenkins and GitHub Actions.

    Not required but preferred:
    • Git with git flow branching
    • Ability to write proficient unit test
    • Kotlin
    • Understands Agile development

    Use the next form as a “resume”, please respond to this thread or dm me (Jacmob#4915)

    Rune-Server link:
    Past RSPS Experience:
    Time available:
    Do you know how to use Git features like branching, merge requests, etc.?
    Remove this: The above will not impede your application.
    Do you know the Kotlin programming language?
    Have you worked with OSRS data before? If so, what have you done (packed maps, etc.)?
    How well do you know OSRS as a game? Do you have a good level account in OSRS?
    Discord: Jacmob#4915
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