Hello everyone, I am VERY ADAMANTLY Buying Full Farming fix for Zaria source / Valkyr client.

The basic problem is-- farming patches do not graphically update properly, when the varbit is sent.
(rake a weed patch after gathering 3 weeds the plot should appear bare. Instead, it appears as if it's never been raked- but the plot will take a seed/sapling etc. growth stage changes also do not update graphically for most patches/products)

After alot of research, I believe object varbits need to be updated within the client, but i could be far off.

I am looking to have this work completed by someone who has knowledge with this specific issue, and am looking for this ASAP.

I am paying well for this, it has had me stumped (punny, right?) for far too long.

Someone told me repacking index 16 may be a potential solution to this problem, however i dont have another cache of the same revision with a working farming system.

I am looking for this to be done as soon as possible, by someone who truely knows right where the issue is.

Thank you!