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    Alright, buying a source that isn't complete shit. Budget is not to pass $12,000 usd. I won't pay you above $100 for a piece of shit source that is leeched 500+ times.
    You will not treat me or any members of my team like a fucking idiot.
    You will not try to scam or bullshit us.
    We have been in this game for a long fucking time, don't try us.
    Do not try to treat us like idiots, you will be clowned and then smacked.

    Do not try to be rude, I am using explicit language out of frustration due to several morons who try and act cocky when it is deemed completely invalid. You should not be acting cocky if you barely know Java, Know nothing about private servers, and or fail to communicate. Don't act like hot shit, cause I guarentee you're not. Me and my team all know how to code extremely well in object oriented languages and derivitives featuring java, io based platforms, through foreign and local implementations.

    We are looking for a good base server with key fundamentals and sources, such as, working bosses, and some npc's... shops and an active voting system(obviously not active but you know what I mean). Ancient curses is highly preferred because it will be implemented either way. Working popular bosses and raids events... raids, inferno, raids II, theatre of blood ( this isn't 100% needed but it would be nice) We also want the game to have an updated game frame, and good graphics(718 extendable) basically.

    If you are serious and have something to offer and you also have common sense, communication, patience and understanding we may consider not only buying from you but also adding you to our team.

    Our server won't be like another failed project so many people try to start and fail. We are veterans in this community and demand respect as such. We are respectful, so you should be too.

    add this discord if you're serious...
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    ur a big serious boi, gl

    Quote Originally Posted by DownGrade View Post
    Don't let these no life creeps get to you, its always the same on here. They'd rather spend hours upon hours in the rune-server spam section then getting laid! ha ha!Its honestly pathetic i haven't seen so many lowlifes in my life its actually insane i wish that this section would just vanish its probably the only way to get these people out of the community...
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    You're the $2,500 USD private bidder aren't ya?

    good luck with this/

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