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    Hi everyone!

    Ataraxia has started picking up some popularity again, looking to match that with a Content and Bug fixing guru. If you aren't all that familiar with 718, that's no worry! We can help you learn if not you can focus on some bugs (fun right).

    We'll only be hiring one person, the pay will start at $250 USD per week and will increase depending on work done, up to $500+.

    While the pay is relatively good, the environment is better, we have dedicated Staff documenting fixes and content pieces that the Community want and we are an extremely friendly and understanding work environment. You'll have set work per week and if you're wanting to take on projects you have that freedom. Pay is consistent and guaranteed and will never be an issue.

    If you're looking for some extra cash, love to communicate with a team and community and most of all are competent and reputed in the Development field, please contact me on Discord: Jaedmo#0001 or Reply to this post!

    Thanks guys!
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    I've sent you a private message.
    ~No honour among thieves.

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