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    Hello everyone, so I am looking for a developer for my server. I will explain below what characteristics I am looking for. You will be paid $50/week, payments will increase as more donations come in of course so eventually you can make a lot more. Now, here is what I am looking for:

    Someone who....
    -Has knowledge of java/rsps. I want to work with someone who knows what they are talking about. You don't have to be a java expert, but you must know the fundamentals of java. Knowledge of RS/PS is very crucial as well.
    -Is willing to work on the server on a daily basis, that can put in a couple hours everyday and keep the community informed posting DAILY development blog posts (doesn't have to be new content everyday, even bug fixes and improvements count a lot).
    -Interacts with the community. A good developer interacts with the players ingame, on forums, etc. in order to get the ideas that the server needs to propel forward. An interactive developer is the key to success for a healthy server.
    -Has creative ideas that can propel the server forward. While players have great ideas, it does take a great mind to bring up some insane stuff that players might not even think about.
    -Cooperates with a team. It is not just the developer that counts, we have an entire team that specializes in certain areas and we need you to work well with each other for the success of the server.

    If you think this fits you, add me on skype and we can talk: mabrox97
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    Got anymore information? What revision? What sort of content are you looking to get added? Do you have an advertisement?
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