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    You'll be paid on the amount of donations we get. We'll get more donations if you produce high quality updates, because this will bring in more players and subsequently more donations

    Hi there guys!
    I'm looking for another developer(maybe two) who wants to come join my team.

    This is our advertisement thread:

    Our link is: Vitality Forums

    We work through Skype and Dropbox, and if you need to go onto the VPS to code that's fine as we recently upgraded it to make it much faster.

    We're looking for someone who knows how to code PI, and who can fix various bugs, but also add in content, ranging from making our dungeoneering into team dungeoneering, and developing exciting new minigames such as castlewars!
    You're not required to know how to code MYSQL , however a brief understanding of it would be helpful.

    In regards to client sided programming, you will need to be able to effectively add interfaces to the server, and make the buttons work. If you can make the interfaces yourself, that's great, if not then we can sort it.

    We basically want people to show off their creativity through the form of programming and also get paid for it!

    Please reply below with your Skype or send me it in a PM!
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,
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    - Good at adding interfaces and making them functional.
    - Depends on what server side needs to be done.. add me
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