This is my first services thread, I intend to offer a wide variation of distinctive resources that mitigate your server, ultimately improving it for the better and allowing you to cultivate and progress through todays RuneScape Private Server fabrication.

This is intended to be a budget service opportunity, although if a requirement is complicated or requires an extended amount of effort then the price may increase for any of these options.

The programming services are only for 317 revisions, preferably PI's.

My name is Cal, and I've been developing using RSPS's for around 3 years ( on and off ). After a 6 month break from anything RuneScape related, an unanticipated boost of motivation to continue development came over me. With a project in hand, the resources gathered, the only thing I lack is money.

Which brings me to why I started this. This is solely to gather enough funds to release my current project, along with the satisfaction of fulfilling a clients expectations. This isn't going towards a club penguin membership, the earnings from this go towards my projects vps and web hosting and other costs.

Coding Services

  • Elo's PvP Rating System
  • Cleaning a Server ( Removing warnings, errors, rewriting code )
  • Creating Currencies ( extras: shops and more )
  • JARing Clients
  • Auto Cache Downloader
  • Auto Client Updater ( webhost required )
  • Client Launcher ( Social buttons, server status, music & more )
  • Adding Teleportation Items
  • Adding Certain Commands
  • Adding Items that perform actions on click
  • More coming soon

Graphic Services

  • Client Backgrounds
  • Advertisement Banners ( not animated )
  • Additional Banners ( not animated )
  • Login Boxes
  • Logos
  • Signatures
  • Icons
  • More coming soon

Web Development

I can produce a website for you, with a forums and additional features, voting, highscores and donations are not available. Please message me on Skype if you would like a website done.

More coming soon.

The price is decided once we have spoken about what it is you want. Please make an offer, and we will work from there, I will not be suggesting the first price!

I only accept payment through PayPal.

With coding work - You send your source files, and send the arranged payment. I complete the work, and send the files back. All source files and client files will be deleted and proof can be provided if needed.

With graphic work - We arrange what is wanted, the payment is sent, a watermarked version is sent to you. Once we have decided the product is correct, the unwatermarked version is sent to you in multiple formats ( png, jpeg, tiff, gif ).

With web work - The arranged price is payed and the work begins, over time we communicate until the website reaches the appropriate satisfaction and the work is sent to you, setup can be arranged but will cost extra.

Any disputed payments will be noted and your name will be taken and posted on this thread, other information may be used if the severity of the actions are high.

You agree to follow the listed payment steps when ordering a service.

More terms coming soon.

Please contact me on Skype at : cjb162