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    I've been building a dharok's pker on my osrs account recently and am now getting bored now that i've done most of the quests needed and got 99 strength so I'm trying to get a price check for the account.

    Here are the stats on osrs:

    It has barrows gloves, piety, 185 quest points, dragon defender, fire cape, ancients, lunars, etc.

    Also it has stats on rs3 as I used to play the main game before it went shit. Here are the stats for RS3:

    As you might of noticed it has a few skills 90+, and also 99 agility. Don't remember what items are on the rs3 account or what quests are done because haven't logged in on it for a few years now but thats stats are decent.

    Any estimates will help
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    120 ish i'd say
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrallix View Post
    120 ish i'd say
    Seems about right pretty lowish range, [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    Sold that account for around 125ish.
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