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    Welcome to my thread! I have 1 dedicated server up for grabs! I am new to this business but I would like to try it out and see how it goes!

    This isn't anything special but for the price, it might work out for what you need.

    I am giving out this deal for someone to test out their liking of this dedicated server for a few months. I can be trusted seeing as Iv'e been a member on here since 2007, and I am not going to ruin it over $15. So for anyone who wants to give it a try, please contact me on skype and we can work out the details and have you all ready to go as soon as the payment goes through.

    Skype name is located at the bottom of this thread.

    As you know, I cannot guarantee 100% Uptime and I cannot guarantee that the speedtest is 100% accurate because Iv'e seen the speedtest go 100+ download and 10+ upload. It depends on the day but either way it's pretty fast internet.

    Price: $14.99 Per Month USD via PayPal + One Time Deposit of $8 non refundable
    OS: Windows 7
    Ram: 2GB
    Processor: AMD E-450
    Ports Configured: 43594
    Solid State Drive: 100GB Available

    Upon payment, you will get your remote desktop login information. Please configure your server to run with port 43594 for this setup. I am using external software for the port forwarding due to my modem. First come first server, message me on skype and I will reach you when I can. I will try to be on tomorrow sometime and will respond when available.

    SKYPE NAME: imsamsginger
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    Are you sure this isn't just a spare computer in your bedroom?

    edit: yeah the processor is for laptops lol
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    Not worth it tbh. Don't see why as well would someone use this when they can use a proper company instead that can guarantee a high up time and a better service overall.
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