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    UPDATE: Canada Server Setup

    I decided to open a cache host in canada because one of my close online friends wanted one because most of his players are Canadian.

    Right now the speed is 90mb/down 86mb/up but i will upgrade the port later but for now i only have one users on it so i'm using a unlimited 100mbs port. thanks alex for using my cache hosting service and being a good sport.


    I wanted to release this service for small servers that wish to have faster download speeds than dropbox for their client cache downloading and i started this service on rage zone a few years ago but it was offered privately to small servers that needed to push updates quicker.


    I run 30 servers all using Various Linux Distros most of them are running Ubuntu 14.04. I have been around various communities since 2005 helping small private start ups. i am fairly unknown to the runescape private server community but i have been around here on and off since 2008 most of the time at mopar but i created an account here once before but lost the original email so i created this one in 2014 because i couldn't recover it.

    I've tested the cache speeds on my 100mbs home connection i currently run 95mbs down and 8mbs upload and a simple 17mb cache at drop box downloads at 50 seconds and my servers cut down the speed to 21 seconds.

    I am using various services right now i am using servers in NY and another server in the united kingdom for the service i am posting here. i

    have 12 different countries for all of my services but most of them are used for a few private servers at rage zone using to push updates to the client one being mu online and a now defunct gunz private server.

    I understand the importance of speed because slow speeds cause people to quickly click close and go on to the next server so i will list the information that you need to qualify for free cache hosting and other services.


    1# your cache must be no more than 115mb unless given a reason why it's higher than this. higher revisions?

    2# your server can not have more than 20 active players online at a time at the start of your service if you get more players i can expand the player limit. i want to help out small servers i am not going to host servers over 50 players because they will have income to provide their our cache host. This is targeted towards new server that need help off the ground.

    3# you must have a website it can be free or paid domain name (if you don't have a domain or a free domain you have not put any effort and don't deserve help. it's not hard to create a sub domain)

    4# you must have skype. Contact me on my skype. username: denniscatman

    5# you will not post the link i send you anywhere except inside your client. If you release your server i will consider your cache hosting no longer required it for an active server not a release.

    Server Stats




    Port Speed:

    1GBIT (speedtest-cli put the download on the NY servers at 900mb/down 150mb/up and the UK server is 386mb/down 50mb/up)

    Questions / Answers

    Question 1#

    Q/ what do i get out of this

    A/ nothing i just do this for a hobby in my spare time.

    Question 2#

    Q/ how is this free if it uses non free servers.

    A/ i own a company and i am able to set aside money each month for the services i offer.

    Question 3#

    Q/ how do i get a new link for the cache if i updated it for a new release

    A/ very easily i am online all the time. I have skype on both my android phone, iphone, android tablet, windows laptop, Linux laptop. so you should never have a problem contacting me. it will take a few hours if i am away from home but i will make sure its updated once i am at a computer the same day.

    Question 4#

    Q/ why only small servers

    A/ i don't want to open a service for bigger servers they usually have a valid player base and have their own servers for their cache and domain etc

    Question 5#

    Q/ how do i know your not going to steal my source code.

    A/ I'm hosting a cache and only the cache. i will not host anything else such as client code, server code. anything that requires me to view source code. this way i can't be blamed for stealing anything.

    Contact at my skype:


    Post here if you wish for questions. you can get quicker responses at skype.
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