Remote Desktop Account
WebDen provides the most reliable and economical solutions to private web browsing in the world, by offering Remote Desktop Accounts (RDA) you will have access to a simple remote desktop connection, You will be able to browse the internet, Download/Upload files and much more just imagine having a private, personal computer.

Server specs:
# Intel Xeon X3460 4x2.80Ghz (8Threads), 8MB Cache.
# 2 x 500GB HDD on RAID 0 (Major performance boost)
# 1 GigE (1000Mbit) dedicated port
# 100TB monthly transfer

[CENTER]Screenshots of a few speed tests: (Hotfile is banned on softlayer)

Fileserve (upload):

Wupload (upload)

Fileserve (down):

Rapidshare (upload):

Rapidshare (down):

Hotfile (upload):

Usershare (upload):

Filesonic (upload):

Duckload (upload):

Simple rules to keep everyone happy:
-Do not abuse the server, and by abuse I mean no 20-30% usage of the CPU all by your self.
-No Encoding.
-No rapidleech/sborg/scripts on the server.
-No public torrent trackers, this is a usa server and we don't want any DMCA emails.
-Do not let a bunch of torrents seeding, that rapes the HDD.
-Do not open 5-10 winrar processes like this dude [Only registered and activated users can see links. ].
-Make sure to use the STORE option in winrar to get maximum speed and keep everyone happy.
-That's pretty much all, just please think about others users and be fair, if you wanna rape the server, get your own dedicated server .

Order from here: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] (paypal or alertpay)