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    santa clauz
    Hey, Me and my friend have been coding our server for about 6 months and still have a long way to go. WE ran into a problem while coding where we can't host because our comps are to slow and dont have the time to host. Soooo We know a lot of you are taking and some arnt. WE have been looking for a host but no luck.. Our server is very great and have a lot of ppl joining just need a hoster. If you can host please email [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] or aim me at footballrock15. If you host for us you can have co-owner or owner either one is fine same thing practically.!!! I will give you more details if you can host for us... FIrst off you need to have at least 2gbs of ram and can host 24/7. Heres some info on server.

    Additional information~~~

    ~Host for us and you get Co-owner(same rights as owner)
    ~Lots of costums(oblivion,dragon claws v1~v2, dragon plate v1~v2, lightsaber, dragon blade, saradomin sword and a ton more.)
    ~Brand new server so you will be able to help a lot
    ~We still have a lot to code Ex~Adding more costums, Grand exchange, quests, and more....
    ~A unique Home and shops and training.
    ~Working god wars
    ~Working Lunars,Regular,Ancient books and spells
    ~We have made a client
    ~All minigames work
    ~Perfect training

    IF you can host please pm me on here or email me at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] or if you have aim footballrock15 is me.
    Please host for me i know you guyz can do it!! Heres some pics [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    If you post some more pictures, more people will probably look into this. Maybe also get a few more posts, as no one really know who you are. It looks like you just joined today or whenever this post was made. To me, it sounds like a DeltaScape server with maybe a few things twisted around. As I've stated above, no one knows exactly what this server is. Maybe post pictures and/or videos.

    You may also want to include more information.

    In other news..

    Please do not post links in your post.

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