My Middleman Information & Introduction:

Hey Rune-server, I just wanted to put myself out there as a Middleman. All I want is a vouch in the return of my services, but at the same time you have to trust me to do my job. I have a good heart and never have deemed to do anything wrong to anyone before as I hold myself as a trustworthy person. If you don't trust me that is your own choice and opinion and I will respect that as I do know that being on this forum since 2007 has no way of making me better candidate than anyone else on this forum nor that I am trying to factor in that I am in anyway. I have seen many scams over the years on multiple Runescape forums and if I can in anyway to help stop that I will. I was an oldie user on Fagex before it shutdown. I was there since 2005. I had much respect there which I am trying to earn here.

-Gold Trades
-Xbox Live Memberships
-Microsoft Points
-Account Trading
-Source/Client - Services/Buying
-Real Life Goods

If you wish to use my services, please fill out this form and post:
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