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  26. Need a very experienced coder or a teacher to help me with creating a server
  27. Looking for a Coder/developer.
  28. JRadioButton Question (Rep + Thanks)
  29. Looking for server/client model information or partner
  30. need a web dev
  31. Error in my compile simple fix? 667
  32. Runescape Bot
  33. Creating an emersive 2d (hd) rpg, need pixel artist.
  34. Need help or someone who can do motivote
  35. Help with Java
  36. Recruiting for Game Studio
  37. [Project Elven] IOS/Android/Desktop 2D sidescroll RPG Looking for ....
  38. Teaching SQL
  39. Test my first C++ game.
  40. Program for School
  41. Check Out my free iphone game
  42. Need help, can't get run to work
  43. Need Help!! Need Dev/admin
  44. modifying an open source android app
  45. Requesting someone who speaks fluent Spanish
  46. Looking for decent Developer!
  47. Requesting a couple of testers
  48. looking for dev/co-owner
  49. Looking for Java Descrambler
  50. Casual Developer for LWJGL Game (Genji MMO)
  51. Any game developments 2/3D with skilling?
  52. Looking for Sever Dev!
  53. Need help with Intellik IDEA
  54. MW2 Emulator
  55. help please
  56. Unity 3D or any program.
  57. App Developement Team
  58. Looking for a developer
  59. Textbook for Java NIO Networking.
  60. 2D Football Game Help
  61. ms SQL help
  62. Where did you learn to code?
  63. Networking similar to Runescape .
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  70. Experienced personnel required for memory address location.
  71. Rsps bot script request
  72. Converting PHP function to Java
  73. looking for a source
  74. Script/App Dev Needed. Possibly that knows Php/Javascript/html
  75. Help me "App" "java"
  76. improvement help
  77. Tools Developer Wanted for MMO Project
  78. Developer Needed
  79. [PI] In need for a dupe finder.
  80. Searching for a UI Developer (Mobile) [[Simple]]
  81. Frostscape - Serious & High Quality Project (Need Server and website developer)
  82. [Sword-Edge Online] 2D RPG Project Recruitment
  83. Professional Objective-C programmer needed.
  84. R-S Shoutbox App
  85. Need Developer For Rsps
  86. iOS and Android partner needed
  87. Abyss-RS Developers
  88. Partner for 2D Game
  89. Number tracker
  90. Would you be interested...
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  92. Few questions i need an awnser to <<<<
  93. Partners needed for an League of Legends Java/MySQL/PHP project
  94. Web Dev needed project
  95. RSPS Developer
  96. Quantum 317 [PI] Development Looking to Update!
  97. I want to become a professional coder (xmas reps)
  98. NetBeans or Eclispe
  99. Retail Store Application[Java]
  100. Looking for a partner [JAVA]
  101. Looking for a server dev for a 2D Multiplayer RPG
  102. C++ Developer
  103. Looking for Story Developers & Artists for a new 2D Game.
  104. 2D Extreme Development - Tilesets
  105. Client inside of a Vb Form
  106. Need team to make android application
  107. Logo Maker?
  108. 2D Game Developement - Computer Artist Needed
  109. I need help with Java - beginner over here
  110. Offering my services as C++ Developer
  111. Small Development Team (Pokemon ORPG) JavaFX
  112. JavaFX Docs Download
  113. 2D Isometric (8-way movement) online RPG development team.
  114. Toplist
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  116. SmallBASIC problem
  117. Any one interested in making C++ 3D game
  118. Help me clean this code a bit :)
  119. 2007 Zybez Prices
  120. Please make better tutorials
  121. Requests Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines (19th July 2013)
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  125. allatori deobfuscator
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