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  1. Custom Timer Class
  2. Create an internal DSL in Kotlin
  3. Delete
  4. Vagrant for local development testing
  5. Learning Java
  6. [Tutorial] Draw GIFS with Java graphics
  7. Right-Click Queue on Discord
  8. [HOW TO] Add delay's to your code with out sleeping
  9. Beginning of java - how to start learning java/ become a developer
  10. [Design] Content Coupling
  11. A snippet on how to document your code!
  12. IPB Forum RSS Feed
  13. Bits Innit
  14. Free Java Development Mentoring
  15. Eclipse Runnable renaming
  16. Offering Beginner Coding Classes
  17. How to Java the short version.
  18. Learn how to code while playing a game!
  19. Eclipse for beginners - Fixing Libraries
  20. Way to save settings easily [C#] [Java]
  21. Introduction to C++ Metaprogramming: Dimensional Analysis
  22. Introduction to C++ Metaprogramming: Lists, apply, and lambda
  23. Introduction to C++ Metaprogramming: Basics
  24. Basic Netty 4.0 Server
  25. Easy AES Encryption/Decryption
  26. Faster file checking c#
  27. AstroCycles Game Programming Series
  28. Intorduction to C#
  29. Intellij IDEA License Key Generator
  30. 3D Rotations using Quaternions
  31. Windows Registry
  32. Introduction to JavaFx
  33. Making Pendulum Waves [Java]
  34. A quick guide on the Facade design pattern
  35. Thread Synchronization
  36. WorldMap Monitor/Coordinate Grabbing
  37. Basic Register / Login System
  38. A short introduction to Java 8
  39. Using private variables with getter/setters (encapsulation)
  40. Trying to get a grasp of Java? this is for you
  41. Shaking Window!
  42. Object Oriented Concepts in Java
  43. Java Basics
  44. Static Mouse [Cool way of using Mouse]
  45. Java for beginners.
  46. Javascript background video player
  47. VB.Net: Port Status
  48. Reading ahead with BufferedReader
  49. Iterating over a JarFile
  50. The alternative if statement
  51. How to Jar Using Intellij IDEA
  52. Free Java tutorial - Valued at $59
  53. Java - Eclipse Window Builder
  54. Changing Eclipse Theme
  55. Java - Application Blocked by Security Settings
  56. [Java Tutorial]Arrays, Strings, Loops
  57. Multiplayer Java Game Tutorial Series
  58. Java util.Timer
  59. Speedtest result faker
  60. [VB] Hangman Game (Console Application)
  61. Understanding an if() statement.
  62. [Java] Drawing pixels with opengl,d3d - a weird way
  63. [JAVA] Simple Rune-Server Application
  64. [JAVA] Fullscreen Displaying
  65. [Java] Simple Array with Random Number Generator
  66. [Java] Simple Averaging Program
  67. Mina server outline (First attempt)
  68. [Java] Methods (w/ parameters) [Beginner]
  69. [Java] Object Explained [Beginners]
  70. Music and Sounds
  71. [VID TUT] Basic Hello World Application.
  72. Garbage video game start
  73. Node class for 2d game
  74. Introduction into Android Development [Making a button do something]
  75. ISAAC Password Frontend; needed it for something, might as well toss it out there
  76. read/write Object, Netty implementation.
  77. NASDAQ company manager
  78. Using Eclipse for beginners
  79. Java Swing Calculator
  80. Phaser System.
  81. [Python] First Tk Application
  82. [TUT] Java Game Programming
  83. Java Programming for Dummies (A write-up for a friend)
  84. How to troll with java and netbeans.
  85. How to change Values in an array using multiple methods.
  86. C++ LLL (linear linked lists!) Part 1 of many...
  87. Changing Java "cup of coffee" Icon
  88. Multi-Functional Calculator
  89. Editing Groups and Item Content on The VB.net on Microsoft Visual Studio for windows8
  90. Text message sender
  91. Writing OOP in C
  92. The four main concepts of OOP
  93. CS162: Learn C++ / Intro to Computer Science
  94. [Visual CSharp 2010 Express] Struct may act as a Namespace.
  95. PriorityQueue.
  96. Printing text
  97. A (more) concurrent implementation of FutureTask
  98. Java - "return" Statements
  99. Loops (Since most people don't know what they are)
  100. Basic Calculater system through eclipse
  101. [VIDEO, C#] A TextBox that only accepts decimal numbers
  102. Bitwise operators
  103. Java heap sizes fix (RSPS)
  104. Understanding bits
  105. [Eclipse]How To HEAVILY Improve The AutoComplete
  106. General explanation to common collection data structures
  107. 3d Java Programming
  108. C++ and models
  109. [HUGE &FREE] C/C++ E-Books Collection - Over 200MB - 39 Books!
  110. VB - Make a own media player
  111. Help me out?
  112. Screenshot.
  113. .NET Countdown using timers.
  114. -removed
  115. C++ Very Basic Quiz Game.
  116. [VB] How to make a source code retriever [VB]
  117. [VB] How to make a web browser [VB]
  118. [JAVA] Java basics
  119. Java Programming: Learning the roots
  120. Java: Learn The Roots
  121. [WIN32]x86 NASM Assembly tutorial
  122. Visual Basic Console.
  123. C++ Guess the number
  124. Image Screen Shot
  125. TI BASIC Educational
  126. Jni
  127. JMenuBar
  128. Chrome Extensions[Google Code] Tutorial
  129. ASM Bytecode Library
  130. Java Interactive Video Tutorials
  131. Java Tutorials (Videos)
  132. Eclipse how to protect your files
  133. C LED_Output
  134. Very helpful for beginner level Java programmers
  135. Tutorials Sub-forum Rules & Guidelines (25th July 2015)
  136. [JAVA] Everything about GUI's....
  137. Good way to learn how to code using java
  138. Want to learn Java in a fun and fast way?
  139. <code>java.util.Properties</code>
  140. I want to learn moar :3
  141. Introduction to JavaScript
  142. vBulletin Shoutbox. [INFERNO] Add/Remove Pages.
  143. Creating your own variable type (ie: int, String, boolean)
  144. Best way to learn Java.
  145. Intro to Java
  146. [Dirtys Java Tutorials # 2] - Loading Images
  147. [Dirtys Java Tutorials # 1] - Double Buffering
  148. Client-Server Basics
  149. What's the best refresh rate for incoming packets?
  150. Java Video tutorials
  151. Use of Masterkey's
  152. Bidirectional map out of two hashmaps
  153. Visual Basic .NET video tutorials
  154. New to java? Detailed videos on helping with an IDE and learning java
  155. Basic Java Programming
  156. Teach yourself C++ in 21days
  157. [Java] FileWriter
  158. [Java] How to get Full InIntelliJ IDEA [Java]
  159. [VB.Net] How To Create A "Trial Version" To Implement To Your Application!
  160. [C++] Perfect Number Identifier
  161. [Java] O'Reilly - Java NIO [Java]
  162. [VIDEO] Java Game Tutorials
  163. [Java] Drawing Centered Images Snippet
  164. Simple Logger
  165. [JAVA] Networking
  166. Java Imports. Explained
  167. WorldMap Any Client
  168. Java Optimization/Boolean Logic Test
  169. An Introduction to JAVA: The Basics.
  170. Simple Average program, simple error?
  171. System Property Output List
  172. [Basic Java]For and While Loops
  173. Inserting from one table to another with MySQL
  174. The SUBSTRING_INDEX() Function
  175. CoordinateBitMap
  176. Exceptions: do not catch generic Exception
  177. Programmers Possesions - Helpful Programming Tools & Applications
  178. Understanding Java NIO and the Reactor Design Pattern
  179. How ByteBuffers work
  180. Java Keywords
  181. Java Vocabulary for Beginners
  182. Basic Enums
  183. [VB6] Registration System (INET) w/ Activation
  184. Variables in Java (For newbies)
  185. [Basic] Connecting to socket
  186. Dump stacktraces to a string...
  187. Basic Calculator
  188. vb.net Login system :D with register
  189. Because JNA is bad for your health
  190. A good way to learn..
  191. How to make a simple 3D platform game
  192. Basic Networking: Multiple connections
  193. [Java Competition] Create an Algorithm for Balance + Interest
  194. Thread pools
  195. Things to know
  196. [Noob] Basic Python
  197. Simple Spam Counter
  198. Python Introduction
  199. Final, Static, Public, Private, Packaging
  200. Double Buffering
  201. A Thread Pool for a Staged Event Driven Architecture
  202. [CharnyCoding - C#/XML] Read a XML file [Video]
  203. [CharnyCoding - C#/XML] Write a XML file
  204. Basic Networking
  205. Starting a java application on startup.
  206. [Charny Coding - C#] Multiple Document Interface (MDI) [Video]
  207. [Charny Coding - C#] Basic web browser - IE control
  208. [Charny Coding - C#] WebRequest and WebResponse - POST method [Video]
  209. [Charny Coding - C#] A TextBox that only accepts numbers [Video]
  210. [Charny Coding - C#] Fill a ComboBox with a text file [Video with VOICE!]
  211. [Charny Coding - C#] Page-filling bot [WITH VOICE!][Video]
  212. [Charny Coding - C#] Read from a file on a server [Video]
  213. [Charny Coding - C#] Tab System - Tabbed Notepad [Video]
  214. [Charny Coding - VB.net] Hello World - Windows Forms [Video]
  215. [Charny Coding - C#] Basic Autotyper [Video]
  216. Learning Java with in hours(videos)
  217. Learning Java with in hours(videos)
  218. Tips when programming
  219. (Awesome) Completely remove the occasional/often flashing in an applet
  220. BCEL tutorial - Basic - Preface
  221. [Beginners]Ternary Expressions
  222. Explaining simple if and else statements for beginners
  223. Pretty basic tutorial on switch statements.
  224. Basic tutorial on Int's and Doubles.
  225. Java Naming Conventions
  226. Basic action listener tutorial
  227. The Difference Between "Path" and "Classpath" and How To Set Them
  228. Learning basic JMenuBar
  229. Omfg like, the difference between variables and constants omfg
  230. basic c# tut.
  231. Beginning Java Programming: Import Projects to Eclipse IDE
  232. Simple Implementation of .NET Array/List's Generic FindAll Method in Java
  233. File permissions with Java
  234. Java Operations - By Java programming language and Verified
  235. [TUTORIAL]Writing a socket communication[TUTORIAL]
  236. Good Coding Tools
  237. C++ Beginner's Guide Package
  238. The DATE_SUB() function
  239. AMAZING Video Tutorials
  240. C++ | Learning pointers easily
  241. C++ Tut
  242. [Tutorials][IDEs] Programming
  243. Real tutorials for the java "for" statement
  244. Efficiency in Code
  245. JAVA lectures for both beginners and intermediate coders
  246. Making the mouse jump around.
  247. Static Import
  248. [JAVA]Using a JScrollPane in a TextArea
  249. C++ Basic Tutorial.
  250. Setting & Getting clipboard [CTRL+V, CTRL+C]