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  1. RSPSi Map Editor Tutorials
  2. [ELVARG] Custom Textures on Items [ELVARG]
  3. *
  4. Teleport Interface Released.
  5. [317] How to remove the 65k cache file limit
  6. [317] [PI][Ruse][OSRS] Making Custom Item Drop Models TUTORIAL
  7. Converting from TextDrawingArea to RSFont
  8. Increased Zoom
  9. Custom Fonts on Interfaces
  10. [317] Automatic Background Sprites
  11. Fishing Spot Sprites
  12. How to recolor an item and find the color you are recoloring.
  13. Re-Release of Dinh's bulwark & Elder maul (RUSE)
  14. Auto Cache Downloader Fix
  15. How to fix missing wall issue - Exotic - Edgeville
  16. How to fix missing wall issue - Exotic - Edgeville
  17. Map Files
  18. Rune Agent Configuration
  19. How to setup Better Sprite Packer 3
  20. Simple Animated Login Screen Background
  21. a little modification to npc shopkeepers
  22. Fully Packing OSRS Data Tutorial
  23. A quick tutorial to add any osrs data ( client sided ).
  24. [Tutorial] Automatic Client Updater
  25. adding Elder maul and Dinh's bulwark with animations. ( Client sided )
  26. [OSRS Style] Skilltab
  27. Spawning objects client-sided (No hardcoding required)
  28. How to add custom map icons
  29. [Elvarg] Combat HP Overlay
  30. Interface Slider
  31. Second, Third Click open Shop!
  32. pi Gnome Glider's
  33. [Vid]Creating a simple interface with xLin's interface editor (With Text Input Field)
  34. Simple interface text input system
  36. How to add customs to your server... (fuck my life)
  37. What's this Npc Hp Box called?
  38. Dumping NPC Pictures from wiki
  39. How to add Veng Countdown Timer to your client
  40. How to pack the osrs data I released.
  41. Home Teleport by Minimap
  42. Skill teleport interface.
  43. How To Dump Interfaces
  44. Dumping Sound Effects
  45. Jar Fix
  46. How to Disable the moving flames on background
  47. .dat file Gzip and Unzip
  48. Perfect Titles [Prefix || Suffix || Gender][Base]
  49. How to fix the wierd object names in OSRS #108
  50. [REQ] adding custom anims?
  51. [317] OSRS textures
  52. To Vencillio users, that has problem with Cache.
  53. 3D Modeling Tutorial/ Lesson for Noobs (Released!!)
  54. How to i get a client to run without a server for local testing?
  55. PI 317 Easiest Way to make even a non talking NPC talk and teleport you! 5 minutes!
  56. Real Overlay Black Minimap Fix (Grand Exchange etc.)
  57. How to make a WebClient
  58. How to Dump Data from Clients! [OSRS - Zulrah]
  59. Cache downloader (works for all clients)
  60. Need help with rsps
  61. [Easy] Zooming by scrolling
  62. Adding Zulrah [with animations]
  63. [Ruse] Add map icons with ease.
  64. Need some work to be done for $$
  65. Face South.
  66. 317/377 MapFloorEditor download/tut
  67. Texturing Models
  68. [Tutorial]: Skill Goals
  69. Duplicate an item with a different ID
  70. (PI) Changing Cache Path. (Works for MAC) (Upgraded Method)
  71. Using Different Themes
  72. Full OSRS Data Release 70#
  73. Fading Backgrounds [PI]
  74. Fixing the black triangles, without disabling black.
  75. URL Management
  76. [REQ] How to load OSRS Cache
  77. adding autochache downloader.
  78. Best way to How obfuscate your client.jar
  79. Adding Fog
  80. [PI] Client - how to fix signlink error
  81. 100% Fog
  82. Download cache from dropbox without having a public folder.
  83. Java coffee cup icon (All Operating Systems)
  84. Simple Dropdown Menu
  85. proper hd minimap without grey water ect ect ect
  86. Enabling Packing and Dumping
  87. Java coffee cup icon
  88. MY own slayertask interface
  89. [req] drygore for 639-668 server [req]
  90. High Def Item Image Dumper
  91. Release Item Rotation Tool
  92. Client Development : Updating a 474 Gameframe to 525 gameframe
  93. How to use Reflection Cheat Client.
  94. How To Jar & Sign Your RSPS Client (Easy)
  95. [TUT]Know all items models by one click[TUT]
  96. [TUT]knowing all items models[TUT]
  97. RSInterface - Draw icon with text
  98. Jar your client Eclipse [Easy] [In-Deapth]
  99. Packing Multiple Data Versions Into 1 Cache
  100. [Fix] Web Client - Blocked a self-signed jar from running.
  101. [TUT] How to recolor models [all models u even have]
  102. middle mouse movement
  103. New Way to Logout [V2]
  104. 666 Map Icons, Map Scenes, Objects
  105. Adding fullscreen/resizable to Eliminate's v0.6
  106. Adding fullscreen/resizable to Eliminate's v0.6
  107. Adding 508 maps (Or any revision)
  108. How to JAR a RSPS using Eclipse
  109. [317] Grand Exchange Tab
  110. [PI] Custom Teleportation Interface with item Interaction! Client and server sided!
  111. [PI] New Client Crash Fix [PI]
  112. Important client settings loaded from one class!
  113. How to add 508 Shop Interface
  114. How to make a full screen webclient
  115. Depth Buffering
  116. "Lerping" / Basic linear interpolation of vertex coordinates between animation frames
  117. 667+ Shop interface? Project Insanity!
  118. Hide/Show Password [Super Simple]
  119. Can anyone help me with getting custom models on a 718 rsps?
  120. New RS3 Login box
  121. Auto Cache Downloader to System Folder 32 - TUT
  122. Custom Cache Loading [with encryption]
  123. LoginScreen Message Report - Simply amazing.
  124. Error System - Simple base.
  125. Adding Custom User Rank Icons (Crowns)
  126. Torva recolor frosty cache editor
  127. Adding spawn buttons in your quest tab [PI]
  128. [PI] How to organize your client files BETTER
  129. How to recolor items
  130. Better Screenshot
  131. Adding Skill orbs
  132. REUPLOAD[602 Animations + Gfx]
  133. Better Password Strength Method (Using Regex)
  134. fix for the Sap icon on ancient spellbook
  135. Obfuscate Your Client [TUT]
  136. Money Vault (First Interface I've Ever Made)
  137. Permanent ::noclip :P
  138. How to obfuscate your client.jar
  139. How to use reflection's cheat client.
  140. Basic client loader and updater
  141. Java Icon
  142. Need Help With cache
  143. Lobby/Minigame Interfaces
  144. How to set up and use Reflection
  145. [PI] Changing Client Background
  146. PI Adding new interface to logout X
  147. 474 IDK (Clothes & Haircuts) Fully Working!
  148. Removing 474/508 objects|| Fixing 377 objects
  149. [Any]Adding splash screen to your client
  150. [317] How to load Sprites from a URL
  151. New Way to logout
  152. [MITB Refactored] REAL Screenshot taking in your client
  153. Adding 32k object support [Requested] - Galkons Refactored
  154. Adding a screenshot button to client!
  155. New Welcome screen
  156. Adding 700+ Items? [PI]
  157. New Interface Tab
  158. [PI] How to delete top bar from Project Insanity client.
  159. Simple ~ How to add a teleport command.
  160. My Current Work
  161. Adding icons for buttons on a Jframe
  162. Make direct links @ Dropbox
  163. Fixing Female Equipment Offset for 500+ Items
  164. How To make a sprite move
  165. Fix for quest tab for the crush:
  166. [Galkons] Frame99 Fix (Barrows, Black Link On Minimap, etc)
  167. Selective Cache Updating
  168. cache downloader
  169. Turning Client.jar to Client.exe - Stop the decompilers and cheaters
  170. [JAVA] Simple java practice
  171. Load a local TrueType Font
  172. Cape animating (master cape)
  173. how to set up and use the reflection cheat client!
  174. [PI] Adding a 525 gameframe with orbs!
  175. Right click Coords and Id's next to examine
  176. Full Veteran Cape (10 year) + emote
  177. Adding current rs 742 Characters
  178. Adding 711 Characters
  179. *Moved
  180. adding customs
  181. [PI] How to add Drop-down Menus to a client.
  182. [317] How to change text and images
  183. LoginScreen Helper - inHoverArea & areaClicked
  184. How to change client Ip
  185. [PI] Newer Runescape Level 99 Skill Mastery
  186. [PI] Adding Skillcape Emotes!
  187. Player Lobby [WIP][Remake]
  188. Teleports Always Lit-Up
  189. Make any Webclient your want [pi only]
  190. 2 Custom tabs for Pk Servers (interface only)
  191. RSPS Reflection Client
  192. [317 PI] How to make the World map button work!
  193. [317] Delta How To Change NPC's Name's ]317\
  194. How to dump definition models
  195. Automaticly login
  196. [Galkons] Adding new Textures (Noob Friendly)
  197. [Renamed] Adding a screenshot button to JFrame [Renamed]
  198. Java Tutorials for Beginners
  199. Webclient jarring issue. [Fix]
  200. [Galkons] Adding Custom Midis (Noob-Friendly)
  201. Dungeoneering Master Skillcape Emote (no GFX or Npcs)
  202. Better way of custom mod icons
  203. Looking for 614 Client Crasher.
  204. [PI]Non-Pickupable Items
  205. TzRek-Jad with full Animation Nick's last Release,hi Leecher, cya Rune-Server
  206. Graphics buffer upgrade
  207. How to work Vistex v7 client
  208. RainyMood Add-on for RSPS Client
  209. Better Game Updater
  210. [PI] Baby Jad model and code [PI]
  211. [PI]BoneFire Tut[PI]
  212. How to load sprites from website link
  213. [REL]Skillbar/Actionbar for Galkons
  214. [PI and RuneSource/Azure]Right click ban player
  215. [Galkons Refactored] Tutorials, Snippets, Interfaces, Data, & Bug fixes
  216. Adding Anims/GFX of the Newest RS Revision!
  217. Latest tweet bar, Login screen, scrolling text.
  218. Simple but better looking ClanChat interface.
  219. [Video] How to make custom interfaces!
  220. Turning your Client into a .Jar
  221. [Release] TokHaar-Kal [PI]
  222. Black maps? this is ur thread
  223. Connecting Rune-Legacy Client With It's Source [For Noobs]
  224. [RENAMED]Load & Save Username & Password
  225. [RENAMED]100% Transparent Context Menus
  226. adding 717 Overlay/Underlay flo
  227. Changing NPC and Item Names/Descriptions
  228. Cache packing 602 anims
  229. [Hotkey Bonus] Switching Between Last Two Known Tabs
  230. How to compile.
  231. [Pi] Adding Dragon Claws Client Side
  232. Enabling/Disabling CRC Checking (JAGGRAB)
  233. Custom Login screen
  234. Cooler World Changer
  235. [RENAMED]GameUpdater > CacheDownloader
  236. List of Client methods and what they do
  237. [PI]How To Add A Custom Pking Teleport Interface[CompulsiveTutz]
  238. 'Fixing' a PI client memory leak
  239. Changing The Look And Feel
  240. Change All Runescape To Your Servername
  241. Cache Won't Unzip (Error Loading Please Report)
  242. HOW TO FIX: Error. Click for details + Could not find the main class: client
  243. [JAVA] Java basics
  244. Webclient Obfustication
  245. How to make a webclient "NOOB FREE" VERY DETAILED!
  246. InsanityX Loading Diffrent Ports Not Ip's
  247. How to Cachepack a Rspsclient [pi] video
  248. How to Change hybridpvp titlebox
  249. [PI]Perfect UpdateCache
  250. [317] Adding Correct FULL 474 maps!