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    Online for 9 years as another alias, it is time for a drastic change!
    With more developers new direction and much more content and frequent updates!

    The Best of Etherum


    Only here at Etherum you will see every content planned with passion and perfectionism.
    The best content and ideas comes here first!

    Referral Code

    By inserting a valid referral code you may gain extra rewards upon unique account creation!
    When registering use the referral 'RSPrizes' to gain a set of items to start off ahead!

    OSRS + Pre eoc

    We took the best of both eras and allowed our players to have them simultaneously!


    Our clan base is very consistent, we have huge clans constantly making multi-war events

    Instant Pking!

    It's easy to figure that we offer the best Combat System. You can join now and instantly PK with our pre-made PK sets for every kind of pking both MAINS and PURES!
    If our pre-made sets do not suit you, then you can use the FREE PK Suppy shop and choose between the items yourself! Remember we have bank preset option so you can make your set, choose from your own presets and gear withing seconds to PK! (This will be explained and shown down below).

    Spoiler for Instant PK:

    Our preset system allows you to gear up for a fight in one second like mentioned above!

    PK Tournament

    Prove your Pking skills on the best tournament system that you have ever seen!
    $175 Rewarded weekly! (Real money send through PayPal)

    Check out our history of rewarded players.

    Spoiler for Rewards History:

    OSRS Tokens

    OSRS Tokens are items that can be exchanged for OSRS GP.
    You can purchase tokens by selling us OSRS GP or purchase OSRS gp from us by claiming your tokens.

    Game Modes

    Select a Game Mode and go straight to the point!

    Spoiler for Game Modes:

    Combat System

    Our combat system was created from scratch in a project that took several months.
    We do our best effort to offer the most flawless combat experience that you will ever find.
    Spoiler for Combat:

    Bounty Hunter(Target PK’ing)
    We have a very sophisticated bounty hunter system that will match you fair fights.
    Kill your target to advance your rank and global position which is displayed in real time.
    Killing your target rewards you with blood money which you can buy OP items with!
    Spoiler for Bounty Hunter system:

    Bank System
    Our bank system is the most advanced, dynamic and smooth that you will ever see!
    You can destroy items, resize both ways and even take a screenshot to make others jealous!

    Spoiler for Bank System:

    Looting Bag

    Delay that banking time with the looting bag!

    Spoiler for Looting bag:

    Rune Pouch

    Who doesn't like saving 2 inventory spots while PK'ing or PVM'ing?
    This is exactly why we have implemented the Rune Pouch so you can have the best experience while playing the game.

    Spoiler for Rune Pouch:


    We think about quality experience for our players and knowing when you can veng, ovl etc again is perfection for the players.

    Spoiler for Timers:

    NPC Kills tracker

    Track all of your boss kills and fastest kill time! Our event hosters often have boss kill related events with very good prizes!
    This is your time to shine bright like a diamond!

    Spoiler for NPC Kill tracker:

    Game Titles

    Over 150 available titles to show out your achievements of PvP, PvM, Skilling etc.

    Spoiler for Game Titles:

    Live Game Scores

    With Live Game scores and many categories you have plenty of opportunities to appear on top!
    Every few minutes the best classified players get rewards!

    Spoiler for Live Scores:

    Item Customizer

    As many other items that can be customized as you wish, masters skill capes are one of them!

    Spoiler for Item Customizer:

    Clue Scrolls

    Our Treasure Trial system is huge we have over 150 tasks available with hundred of unique rewards!
    The tasks includes Cryptics, Puzzles, Dancing, Scans and more! Our system is made from scratch for the perfectionists!

    Spoiler for Clue Scrolls:


    With our notification system you will not miss a thing!

    Spoiler for Notifications:

    Key Binding

    Configure your key actions exactly as you want!

    Spoiler for Key Binding:


    We have over 80 tasks available which rewards you various of items when finished!

    Spoiler for Tasks:

    Dicing / Staking

    We offer a very secure and fun way to bet with others &
    We offer the most flawless Duel Arena experience, with no PID and very good anti-scamming systems!

    Spoiler for Dicing / Staking:

    Slay monsters in hundreds of different assignments for awesome rewards!
    Spoiler for Slayer:

    Boss Pets

    Slay bosses and get many available cute boss pets!
    Spoiler for Boss Pets:

    Reaper Collection

    Died in wilderness and a stupid team blocked your cape? Void or any untradeable? Fear not.
    Here at Etherum we have a reaper collection system where you can buy back your untradeables for a low amount of price.
    You may also toggle automatic untradables keeping, which will consume half of the regular price.

    Spoiler for Reaper Collecting:

    Quick Teleporting

    Teleporting is easy!
    You can either click on the world map and choose where you want to teleport or even choose a keybind (Ctrl + T to open up the interface even more easily!

    Spoiler for Teleport Interface:

    Castle Wars

    Here at Etherum you find the most complete Castle Wars system, with very good rewards!
    Spoiler for Castle Wars:

    Yell Customizer

    Choose exactly how you wish your yell message to be!

    Spoiler for Yell customiozer:

    Premium Item & Features

    If you like a quick start and want to show no effort, well then you can purchase some of the best items from the premium store!
    Want quality of life perks? Then Features store is for you!

    Spoiler for Donation Store:

    Vote Rewarding

    We love the people that vote for our server because that's basically whats keeping us up.
    So we are rewarding voters with unique items and points to buy expensive ones from the store!
    When voting you gain Vote Tickets that you can either claim to purchase items on store or sell to other players.

    Spoiler for Vote Rewards:

    Some Of The Other Stores

    Spoiler for Stores:

    What are you waiting for?

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    Looks good dude! Good luck with the future of this project, wish you all the best.
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    not a fan of 317s loading 503+ data but this looks quite unique. may give it a go. gl!

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    Could I get your Skype pb thanks.

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    Probably one of best servers I have seen in a long time! will be checking it out!
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    Looks unique, good luck.

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    Looks wonderful. Best of luck.

    “On two occasions I have been asked, ‘Pray, Mr. Babbage, if
    you put into the machine wrong figures, will the right answers
    come out?’ […] I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of
    confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.”
    —Charles Babbage, Passages from the Life of a Philosopher

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    Hey, many exciting things are to come by tomorrow and next week.

    For now a quick update, our Premium Shop prices were reduced as requested by the community

    ::dshop command will be able to take you near it.

    If you want, you can reach us from discord [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    The long awaited Money Pouch has just arrived on Etherum!

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    Hello Guys!

    We are finally releasing this big update!
    During all those recent issues we've got really distracted and couldn't spend much on this content, but hopefully things will flow better from now on!


    Nex Boss is fully coded! It was a great challenge to implement all the mechanics necessary to make it work as on RS.
    We couldn't extensively test Nex as it requires quite a few players to defeat it (We couldn't go past blood phase Blush )
    It's strongly advised to come prepared and with a big team to face Nex! I personally consider impossible to solo it!
    As Nex was intended to work very alike RS version from june-2012, I'll be posting the original wiki tutorial at the bottom of this thread.


    We have made very easy to fight Nex at least during this beta stage that we need more activity and we want to allow players to easily recover their lost items.

    In order to go to Nex lair you may just type ::nex or use Bosses teleport


    The Nex drops are really good! Every kill is worth it! No junk lots!

    Nex sets are 1/1K chances.
    500-800K of coins will be dropped 100% of the time.
    All charms will be always dropped between 1-20 amount.
    Players can get up to 2m-3m very frequently!

    Killing Nex

    In order to face Nex you can try out this inventory with a familiar full of Saradomin brews. (Since it's easy to come back, there's no need to bring lots of super restores to stay more than 1 trip)


    The preset timer for single wild death was removed for now, we are planning to add some mechanics to prevent the
    cons that this change may result in.


    Login limit was disabled for now.
    Players will now enchant 100 bolts at time rather than 10.
    Client links were updated and are now available (Recovery, Appeal, Download, Facebook, Forum)

    As you guys may have seen, the game loader was improved, connection failure will be much less likely to ever happen.
    Also if you ever face some problem, just join the discord and we will assist you!

    Join today;[Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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